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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spotlight with author Helen Hardt

Spotlight with author Helen Hardt

Greetings, Lovelies! I recently had the opportunity to review Pianist Envy by author Helen Hardt. I really enjoyed the book and wanted a chance to share it with you all again in case you missed the review. Ms. Hardt was originally scheduled to appear in the blog last month during the Ellora’s Cave feature month, but due to scheduling conflicts on my part, we had to push this post out a bit. Ms. Hardt was totally awesome about postponing the spotlight so I ‘d like to tell you a bit about more than just PIANIST ENVY. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy getting to know a little about Helen Hardt and her books.


Helen Hardt is an attorney and stay-at-home mom turned award-winning romance author and freelance fiction editor. She writes contemporary, historical, paranormal, and erotic romance from her home in Colorado. Her contemporary western romance, Ivy League Cowboy, just won the 2012 RomCon Readers’ Crown award.
You can find Ms. Hardt in the following places:


Read my review by clicking here!!!

Huge success has so far eluded musician Jane Rock. Coming from a modest background, she’s had to work hard for everything she has. When a music agent attends one of her rock band’s performances at a local club, she thinks her big break has finally come, until an inebriated—though handsome and muscular—patron spoils her show.

Classical pianist Chandler Hamilton has had most of his success handed to him due to his family name. He has his reasons for detesting rock music, but he finds himself drawn to beautiful and talented Jane. Although the two sizzle between the sheets, outside the bedroom they bicker endlessly and envy what they perceive as the other’s good fortune. When Jane needs a favor, Chandler resists. Can love blossom amid clashing notes and tempos?

She didn’t bother knocking. He wouldn’t hear her anyway. Normally she wasn’t so rude, but the music called to her. His anger, his passion, called to her. Still holding the pot, she stood, mouth agape, as Chandler pounded out disharmonic chords on his nine-foot black lacquer grand.
Disharmonic, yes, but they made a certain musical sense. Discordant in a harmonic way. Sweat covered his brow and a drop hit an ivory key. He didn’t stop to wipe away the perspiration. He punished the keys, ground out eerie yet beautiful music in his raw madness. His fingers danced, his facial muscles tensed, his full pink lips pursed. Another drop of sweat hit a key as he slowed the tempo, softened his strokes, then from piano to forte again as he trilled two notes and boomed through the lower keys.
Jane’s heart thudded in time with Chandler’s now increasing tempo. As he crescendoed, so did she, her breath coming in rapid puffs, her breasts heaving against her chest. His playing conjured images in her mind of a bullfighter twirling a red cape. Vivid reds and oranges swirled through her head.
More chords. Louder, faster…banging, clashing…
Then silence.
His eyes closed and his chest dropped, as though he were only now cognizant of the fact that he required breath. More drips of moisture emerged on his corded neck and rivered down his chest through the few blond hairs that peeked out of his black button down. The stark onyx contrasted against his fair skin in a beautiful way. Jane’s breath caught.
She stood, still holding the empty coffee pot. Should she applaud? Her hands were occupied, and applause seemed inappropriate anyway. This hadn’t been a performance. No, this had been a catharsis, a purging of negativity, a ritual cleansing.
This had been solely about Chandler. Pure, raw emotion not meant for an audience.
Regret flooded her. She shouldn’t be here.

Buy Links:
Ellora’s Cave        Amazon        Nook

Other books by Helen Hardt:

McCray Brothers, Book 1

Dusty O’Donovan, an accomplished bull rider, isn’t afraid to ride El Diablo, a feisty stud whose owner, Zach McCray, is offering $500,000 to anyone who can stay on him for a full eight seconds. Though Zach refuses to let a woman ride his bull, he's intrigued by the headstrong Dusty, who he last saw when he was thirteen and she was six. Sparks fly when they’re together, but will Dusty’s secrets tear them apart?

McCray Brothers, Book 2

Newly divorced Dallas McCray wants a sweet country girl like his sister-in-law, so why is he lusting after the new veterinarian in town, striking New Jersey transplant Annie DeSimone? Also divorced, Annie yearns to leave her difficult past behind and start a new life in beautiful Colorado. Sparks fly between her and handsome cowboy Dallas, but attraction and emotion aren’t always enough…especially when a cowboy has vowed never to make the same mistake twice.

McCray Brothers, Book 3

Catie Bay has worshiped much older Chad McCray since she was a child. When she fumbles a seduction attempt after her graduation from high school, she flees to Europe. Four years later, she returns a beautiful, worldly woman, and Chad takes notice. Is the rodeo queen still in love with the sexy cowboy, and is he capable of returning her feelings?

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit about Ms. Hardt and her books. The McCray Brothers series can be found at Musa Publishing and other major eBook retailers. Thank you so much for spending some time with us today. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Better yet, I hope you found a new author to appreciate.

Until next time …

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Interview and GIVEAWAY with author Lacey Wolfe

Interview and GIVEAWAY with author Lacey Wolfe

What’s up friends, family, readers … all of you, my Lovelies? I have a very special treat for all of you today. I recently had the opportunity to review a novella entitled FINDING HOME by author Lacey Wolfe. Now, I don’t know Lacey very well, but I have worked with her on several occasions when I scheduled tours on the blog via Sizzling PR. Unfortunately Lacey will be leaving Sizzling soon which stinks for me because I really enjoyed working with her. But … I am hoping this change ultimately translates to more reads for all of us. If her other books, which I have not yet had the chance to read, are as good as FINDING HOME was, then she is an author to keep an eye on. I contacted Lacey after I had written my review of her book and asked if she wouldn’t mind providing an interview for all of the readers here. She was more than happy to do so and as a special bonus, she added a giveaway for one lucky reader: a digital copy of her book! Yay! I was stoked to find out that she added this awesome gift for my readers. I am sure you all will be too, so be sure to remember to enter the contest at the end of the interview. And so, I now move forward, and am happy to introduce to you all, Ms. Lacey Wolfe.


Lacey Wolfe has always had a passion for words, whether it’s getting lost in a book or writing her own. From the time she was a child she would slip away to write short stories about people she knew and fantasies she wished would happen. It has always been her dream to be a published author and with her two children now of school age, she finally has the time to work on making her dream come true.

Lacey lives in Georgia with her husband, son and daughter, their six cats and one black lab who rules the house.

You can find Lacey at the following places:


How has your life changed since becoming published?
I’ve had to learn to be two people. I have a pen name, which means I have two FB accounts, a million email address it feels like, and two people to keep up with. It was strange at first, but I’m used to it now.
What is your typical day like?
Right now, hectic! The kids are out for summer and I’ve gotten NO writing done. Hopefully once they go back on the 6th of August, I can get cracking on some writing.
For serious, Yo! Can’t wait for mine to go back! Tell us a little about your current release FINDING HOME.
Finding Home is my first sweet romance. To sum it up, it’s about a girl who returns home to her hometown pregnant. She is looking for guidance from her mom, but when she gets there, her mom isn’t there but instead a hunky half naked man is! And as soon as she can wrap her head around this, a snow storm hits, leaving her snowed in.
For those of you who don’t know, sweet romance can have sexual situations, but are generally somewhat vague in detail. Much is left to the reader’s imagination rather than explicit verbiage. Any upcoming projects you would like to tell us about?
Finding Home is part of the Clearwater Series from Ruby Lioness Press. I have written another story for this series and it’s set to release on September 7th; BARE NECESSITIES.
Good to know! How do you keep in contact with your readers?
I’m always on Facebook and Twitter. I love to talk.
What is your favorite thing about this book?
Its sweet. I like that I was able to step out of the erotic genre I have been known for. And the story has done well. I plan to continue writing sweet romances, as well as spicy.
I agree. Sweet is a nice break from erotica at times. Changing up genre keeps me, personally, from getting burnt out on the same thing. What’s next for Lacey Wolfe?
I hope to write a full-length and maybe try sending it to one of the big houses. But, I’m not sure. I want to try my hand at self-publishing as well.
Ambitious! I like it! When did you begin your journey as an author and what pulled you in the direction of writing?
I started a few years ago and wrote a full-length. But never did anything with it. When e-books got super popular and the erotic genre, I decided to try my hand at it.
Looks like it worked. *grins* Any special quirks or habits when writing?
I like quiet and something little to nibble on. It may be why I’ve put on 15 pounds in the past year. But if I have food in front of me, I will write longer.
Was there something in particular that gave you the idea for this book (series)?
The Clearwater Series is a multi-author series and I just love the town itself. It has a good set up and the potential to be a popular series.
I did not know that. I will have to check it out further. What about Julie and Mark made you want to put them together?
They each needed someone to help them and take care of them. So, why not do it for one another? And that’s what they did. They helped one another heal and take charge of their own lives.
They sure did! Any advice you’d like to share for aspiring writers?
Don’t give up. Start small if you have to. Novels aren’t as popular anymore. If you can write an awesome short story, chances are you can find a home for it. With busy schedules, people don’t have as much time to invest in novels. Also, have someone who reads your work that will be honest! You need someone to tell you if a paragraph sucks or needs help. Not just a team to cheer you on.
Good advice! What is one thing you know now that you wish you had known when you first started writing?
Don’t head hop! Stay in one persons point of view. And always show and not tell.
Time for randomness … Salty or Sweet?
Alcoholic or Non-alcoholic?
What is your favorite holiday?
Thanksgiving. No pressure, just eat!
Hey! That could be the new Thanksgiving slogan! You should copyright that! Favorite place you have ever visited?
I haven’t visited many places, so I’d have to say the beach in general. You can actually feel relaxed there!
Not so much for me, but I hear it is relaxing for millions of others. *smiles* M&M’s or Skittles?
Of course! E-reader or Paperback?
Caffeine or Decaf?
Caffeine! I love the taste of coffee, but I want the jolt with it too.
I wish I still got a jolt. I drank so much of the stuff in my younger years … still do … that it doesn’t affect me anymore. But the taste is wonderful when made the way I like it. Nothing like it!
So how about I tell you more about this book? First, I would like to thank Ms. Wolfe for taking the time to answer my questions and for visiting with us today. For those of you who enter the contest, but don’t win, I have included buy links for the book. And Ms. Wolfe has asked a question of you all, so be sure to answer it! The answers could be quite interesting! *wink*


Read My Review by clicking here!!!

Julie Miller has returned to her home in Clearwater, Wyoming after discovering she is pregnant. All she wants is her mother to comfort her after her boyfriend told her to either have an abortion or leave. The only problem is, when she gets to her mother’s house, she doesn’t find her mom—she finds a half-naked man cooking breakfast.

Mark Thomas has moved to Clearwater to escape his past. He needs a fresh start to try and forget the things that haunt him, and Clearwater seems like the perfect place.

As if it isn’t bad enough that Julie doesn’t find her mother, a blizzard buries the town, and she is snowed in with Mark. Leaving them no choice, they begin a friendship while trying to resist the attraction they feel for one another.

Once the snow melts, Julie is free to leave. Will she choose to start a life in Clearwater or run back to New York? Meanwhile, Mark struggles to let go of his past and, if he does, is Julie his future?

The sun shined brightly through the windows. Julie wished now she had noticed the blinds were open last night. Pulling the sheets over her face, she closed her eyes for a few more minutes as she tried to wake up.
Finally, after battling with herself, she climbed out of the bed. She put her jeans back on and then pulled her hair up in a ponytail. A sudden urge to use the restroom took over, and she rushed toward the bathroom. This was something new—no bladder control. She didn’t expect to already have to pee so much.
She quickly brushed her teeth then made sure everything was tidy as though she hadn’t been there. Grabbing her suitcase, she left the room. She expected to find Chloe up front, but she was nowhere to be seen. So she stopped by the front desk and scribbled a note, thanking Chloe for the stay and saying they would talk soon. After all, she was going to need someone during this process. As young girls, she and Chloe had always gotten along.
Outside, the sun was bright. There was a chill to the air, however. The few clouds in the sky were thick and fluffy. She bet there would be a light snow shower before the day was over. In fact, she was surprised to not see any snow on the ground yet. It would be anytime now.
The drive to her mother’s house was short. She lived on the older side of town, and it was unchanged except that the trees had gotten taller.
Julie was excited to see her mom. It had been almost a year since she’d seen her. Julie had flown her out last Christmas to visit her in New York City. She’d taken her mother everywhere, showing her every tourist spot there was to see. Her mother had loved it and said it had always been a dream of hers to travel. Julie hoped one day her mother would get to. Her father had died about ten years ago, and her mother had never remarried. She had a few close friends, though, and maybe one day they would all get together and travel.
But for now, Julie needed her mom. She couldn’t wait to have her mother embrace her and hold her tight, telling her it would all work out.
She pulled up to the house. It looked the same. A small ranch-style home painted a light blue color. It was time for a fresh coat of paint, that was sure. Perhaps she could get someone out here in the spring to spruce the place up. Her mother’s car wasn’t in its usual spot but instead pulled over near the picket fence. A pick-up truck sat where the car was usually parked. Maybe something was wrong with the vehicle, and she was borrowing the truck.
Climbing out of the car, Julie could smell bacon. A smiled crossed her face. Her mom was cooking breakfast. Shutting the car door quickly, she went up the front steps two at a time. As she turned the doorknob, she found it locked. Groaning, she dug through her purse until she found the key to the house and let herself in.
Loud music blared through the house. It was set to a local country station. This was so unlike her mother. In fact, as Julie looked around the living room and saw how untidy it was, she wondered if she was in the right house.
Following the smell of food, she stepped into the kitchen. Julie froze. A half-naked man stood at the stove, flipping pancakes. It was as if he sensed he was no longer alone. He turned, and Julie thought she was going to faint.
“Hi,” the man said.
“Who the hell are you, and where is my mother?” Julie demanded.

Buy Links:

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I hope you all enjoyed getting to know a bit about Ms. Wolfe. Don’t forget to enter the contest for your chance to win the book for yourself! Thanks so much for spending time with us today.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spotlight with author Theresa Stillwagon

Spotlight with author Theresa Stillwagon
Montana Creek Series

So again, I am introducing a new-to-me author to you all. I just can’t help myself. Every time I come across a tour with books that sound good, I HAVE to feature them on the blog. I do this for a lot of reasons. One, I want to know more about the books. Two, I want you to know more about the books. Three, I want to get some feedback from those of you who may have read the author/book(s) before. Four, I want to help promote the author ~ it is the reason I started this blog, after all. And five, I just want to have fun. And this is fun, no? So now that you all understand my motivation, let’s proceed. Thanks to the fabulous Sizzling PR, it is my pleasure to be able to introduce to you, Theresa Stillwagon.


Theresa Stillwagon has been writing most of her life. Since one of her teachers praised a poem she wrote for a class assignment, she’s been putting words together in the hopes of seeing them in print.

Not caring if anyone other than herself ever read them. Her dream came to reality in 2008 when she signed her first writing contract. She signed her tenth contract this year.

A former resident of the state of Ohio, Theresa now lives near the sunny city of Savannah, Georgia, with her husband of twenty-nine years. She’s currently hard at work writing.

You may find out more about her by visiting her at:

**Book 1 of the The Winter Creek, Montana Series**

For some people ghosts are everywhere…
When rebuilding an old ghost town, a few ghosts shouldn't be a surprise. And for Jen Ferguson, history professor and psychic, it's par for the course. But ghosts aren't her main worry.
After a disastrous affair, which has affected her job at the college, Jen promised her grandfather—the most important person in her life—that she would stay away from men until the end of the semester. That's a promise she's determined to keep, but when she meets rancher Adam Craine, it becomes a struggle. Adam's sexy and flirty, and her psychic abilities are telling her that he might possess a very important quality the previous men in her life had been lacking…he can be trusted.
It's a daily battle for Jen to keep her hands off of him, but she believes she can do it…until two of Winter Creek's ghostly residents decide to up the stakes by possessing Jen and Adam's bodies. How can Jen keep her promise with these two passionate spirits interfering?
And if all that's not enough to deal with, now she's having premonitions of danger which could lead to the destruction of Winter Creek.

"Close your eyes. I'm going to walk you behind the folding wall and place you in front of the mirror. Keep your eyes closed."    
Jen grinned.
"Are your eyes closed?"
She laughed softly but did as Barb asked of her. Every dress this talented seamstress designed for her was always shown off in the same way. "Yes."
A moment later a soft hand encircled the top of her left arm while another hand landed lightly against her back. She allowed her friend to press her toward the small cramped area opposite her office desk and chair. A frozen touch slowly replaced the warmth of her friend's hand, and a hint of flowery perfume replaced the scent of her friend's earthier one. Honeysuckle flowed into the air around her a second later, a breeze of chilled wind moving past her skin into her interior being, making her dizzy with the aching familiarity of it. As she moved through the scent, closer to the old-fashioned Chinese wall, a strange iciness settled deep in her bones, freezing her feet to the floor.
She'd felt this profound, unnatural chill a few times before.
"Jen, don't stop now."
The strangeness deepened in her, and she brought her arms up to wrap them tightly around her upper body. "I'm freezing."
"It's not cold in…" Barb's hand dropped from her back but not from her arm. "Oh, it's that kind of cold."
"My little saloon girl is visiting with me again."
"So you're finally admitting she's a saloon girl?"
Barb's words seemed to come from a great distance as the cold around Jen intensified.
"I've been telling you that for weeks," Barb added. "What changed your mind?"
"She's a ghost that haunts a saloon."
"Yeah," Barb said. "You've always known that, but it never convinced you before."
Icy tentacles suddenly wrapped around Jen, like a frozen pair of snow-hardened gloves, before an eerie voice whispered, "He's coming."
"What?" Opening her eyes at the barely heard sound, Jen stared at her puzzled friend. "Did you just say something?"
"Are you all right?"
"Tell me you just said something under your breath."
"Sorry, Jen," Barb said lightly. "What's going on?"
The prickly eeriness left her system as quickly as it'd entered, bringing blessed feeling back into her freezing, stilled body. The hint of honeysuckle perfume lingered for only a few seconds before dissipating in the October Montana air.
"Please tell me you heard a woman's voice just now."
"Are you telling me she actually talked to you?" Disbelief registered clear in Barb's wide, dark eyes. "All mine ever does is mess with my stuff."
"I've never heard her speak before." Jen frowned. "Maybe it was my imagination."
"So what did your imagination say to you?"
"He's coming."

**Book 2 of The Winter Creek, Montana Series**

A ghost from Barb's past is an ever-present reminder that she’s not good mother material, so what happens when she falls for a man with a ready-made family?
Barb Grant is the resident dressmaker for Winter Creek, an old ghost town that's being rebuilt. But the town ghosts aren't the main thing that's causing Barb trouble. It's the pre-teen girl who suddenly decides she would make a good substitute mother. And the girl's father.
Wyatt Campbell has been the bane of Barb's existence since their first meeting. One minute the cowboy is pissing her off thoroughly, but then the next moment she's wanting to rip his clothes off and make love to him. When rumors start flying that he's a horrible lover, she can’t believe they could possibly be true. How could a man who can evoke so much passion be a bad lover? Her need to know the truth is the only reason she says "yes" to his date request. Her plan—have sex with him and then say goodbye.
Unfortunately, Wyatt has other plans. He wants a real relationship. But he comes with a ready-made family, and that scares Barb. A ghost from her own past keeps reminding her that she's not good mother material. She's made mistakes, mistakes that resulted in a child's life ending, and she can't ever forget that.
Could Wyatt be the one man capable of getting past her barriers? Or will Barb's past forever affect her life?

"How am I supposed to sew clothing for people I've never met if those people are allowed to play any character they want to play?" Barb asked.
"She thinks someone will want to be the queen of England," Rose's soft voice broke through the sudden silence. "I told her I doubted that would happen."
"The queen of England," Wyatt said under his breath.
Barb glared at him. "It might be possible for me to do this if someone hadn't chased my last helper away."
"I didn't chase anyone away."
"Right." Barb stood from the chair and looked down at him. "All I asked you to do was take her out to dinner one time, that's all."
He sat forward in his seat, eyes darkened in anger. "Oh, really?"
"Yes," Barb said. "I just wanted her to feel welcomed here."
Wyatt leaped up and glared hard at her. "Then you should've told her that. You should've asked a more willing man to go out with her."
"She wanted you."
Renewed laughter burst throughout the room, even Jack and William joined in this time. All eyes were focused on her, waiting. She wasn't sure what everyone was waiting for, but she didn't plan on giving them anything else to talk about today.
Unfortunately Wyatt wasn't as unwilling. "So you used me?"
"She was a nice lady."
"With twenty hands," Wyatt added. "And a very determined attitude."
"You didn't have to sleep with her."
Wyatt stood up taller, towering over her five foot three inches. "I did not sleep with that woman."
"She told me you did." And you were lousy, she wanted to add. "I believed her."
"Because you're a man." Before she could put a lock on her mouth, she added, "And rumor has it, you haven't been out on a date since your daughter's arrival."
Wyatt froze before shaking his head and turning toward the door. "I'm going back to the station."
Barb followed him, not stopping until she got to the bottom of the steps and noticed the cold air. She gathered her unzipped coat around her and stepped back up the stairs. A hand stopped her forward momentum. A dark, dangerous look stopped her biting comment. She pulled her arm away, but Wyatt only clamped his fingers around it harder. Not enough to hurt, only enough to show her he wasn't going away until he had his say.
"I thought you had to leave."
Wyatt moved and placed his free hand on her other arm. He squeezed his fingers tight and pulled her hard into him. "You're going out to dinner with me."
He ignored her protest. "This Saturday."
She twisted left and right in an unsuccessful attempt to escape his hold. Giving up, she froze on the step and clamped her hands tight near her thighs. "I'm not going anywhere with you."
"We'll see about that." Sliding both hands up her arm, he cupped her cheeks and pulled her against him. Moist cinnamon-scented breath lingered near her mouth, tempting her. "I may have been working at Craine Station for the last couple of weeks, but I have heard the rumors."
"Oh, about you being a—"
His lips touched hers, barely there but enough to steal her breath. He slid his hands from her cheeks and settled one on her shoulder while moving the other over the top of her head. Tingles spread through her body as his fingers combed through her tangled hair, fingertips feathering over her. She melted at his simple touch.
"You believed Carol," he said, trailing his fingers down to her earlobe. "I'm going to prove her wrong."
"No." She pushed against his chest with regret, feeling him yield a bit. "It's never going to happen, Wyatt Campbell."
"We'll see about that, Barb Grant."

So what did you all think? Sound good? How about the ghost aspect? I’m intrigued! Or maybe you have read this author before ~ or this series. Tell me what you thought. I’d love to hear your comments! Thanks so much for being with me today. And thank you to Ms. Stillwagon for the provided materials for this tour.

Until next time …

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: Pianist Envy by Helen Hardt

Title: Pianist Envy
Author: Helen Hardt
Release Date: September 22, 2010
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Category: Erotic Romance, Menage
Type: Kindle

Book Blurb:

Huge success has so far eluded musician Jane Rock. Coming from a modest background, she’s had to work hard for everything she has. When a music agent attends one of her rock band’s performances at a local club, she thinks her big break has finally come, until an inebriated—though handsome and muscular—patron spoils her show.Classical pianist Chandler Hamilton has had most of his success handed to him due to his family name. He has his reasons for detesting rock music, but he finds himself drawn to beautiful and talented Jane. Although the two sizzle between the sheets, outside the bedroom they bicker endlessly and envy what they perceive as the other’s good fortune. When Jane needs a favor, Chandler resists. Can love blossom amid clashing notes and tempos?

Book Excerpt:

“Encore, encore!” voices shouted.
Jane turned to Fernando, her bass player, and nodded.
“Thank you,” she said into the microphone. “You’ve been a great audience.” She
signaled Lenny, her keyboardist, and began the count.
“Aw, fuck me! Not more of this musical atrocity!”
The voice boomed above her count, and Jane turned to stare at that same man who
held another shot glass to his shapely lips. His chiseled jawline tensed. She inhaled.Should have followed your instinct, Jane, and asked to have him thrown out before it got to this. He might look like a Greek god, but she was hoping the bouncer would have him booted.
“Hey, Jim!” she called to the large man sitting by the entrance. “Could you get rid
of that guy?”
Jim, burly and balding, headed toward asshole’s table.
Jane closed her eyes to clear her head. She tilted her head back and let her long dark hair tickle her bare back. Feel the music, Jane. Let it take you. The pure rawness of rock and roll always moved her. The cheers of the audience were icing on the cake. She breathed in, visualizing success. Though regionally Jane Rock and the Stones had been
headlining for a few years, they hadn’t yet made it nationally. Lisa Taylor could change all that.
Jane exhaled and opened her eyes.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
The asshole’s voice was deep and just a little husky. Sexy, actually—a bit of a
contradiction to his clean-cut looks. Gorgeous, yes, but very clean cut, as though he had
been reared on milk and corn with a side of caviar and educated at the finest prep schools in the country. His honey blond hair was cropped fairly short above his ears, and his striped cotton shirt screamed Ivy League. All he needed was tortoiseshell glasses to complete the look. To cover those smoky green eyes, though, would be a sin.
Even from the stage, they smoldered.
Not Jane’s type at all.
No, she preferred long-haired rockers.
Hmmm…asshole would look great with long hair. Wavy blond locks feathering
around his perfectly-shaped face, dipping just a touch into those long-lashed green eyes…
“I’m kickin’ you outta here, is what I’m doin’.” Jim’s Southern accent boomed over the din in the audience.
“I haven’t done anything.”
Jane grabbed her mic and took a deep breath. “You’ve been rude all night,” she
said. “You’ve been drinking like a fish and now you’re interrupting my music.”
Asshole scoffed. “You call that music?”
His companion touched his arm. “Calm down, Chandler.”
Chandler. Perfect rich boy prep school name.
“Uh, Chandler?” she said into the mic.
“What?” He jerked his arm away from his friend.
“If you have such a problem with my music, why exactly are you here? There are
plenty of other clubs where you could harass the talent.”
He scoffed again. “Talent?”
Jim yanked him out of his chair. “I said you need to leave, friend.”
Jane’s blood boiled. But she had the rest of her audience to think about. Focus, Jane. Don’t let him get to you.
She closed her eyes again. Time to get ready for her encore.
“I bet Jane Rock isn’t even your real name!”
Her eyes popped open. Asshole, er, Chandler, again. Who did he think he was?
“Just something you made up to make yourself sound like a rock star.”
Jane seethed and the hair on her arms stiffened. “Jim, please.”
“I’m tryin’, honey. The guy’s stronger than he looks.”
“I’m really sorry,” Chandler’s friend said. “He’s had a rough week.”
“Sure, whatever.” Jane rolled her eyes upward. When she looked back out into the
audience, her stomach dropped. Jim lay flat on the floor with Chandler standing over him, a loafer-clad foot resting on the burly man’s chest.
“What the hell?”
“He’s a black belt in taekwondo,” the friend said. “Shit, Chan, you’re gonna get yourself arrested.”
“Damn right you are.” Jim’s muffled voice rose from the ground.
“Fuck me,” Jane muttered. “Ladies and gentlemen,” she said into the mic, “I’m
afraid we won’t be able to offer an encore tonight after all. As you can see, we have—”
“Oh please,” Chandler lifted his foot and Jim eased into a sitting position, “don’t let me stop you. Continue with your noise.”
That was it. “You think you can do better?” Jane’s voice cracked, but determination won over nerves. “Come on up here and give it your best shot.”
“With pleasure.” Chandler stalked forward.

Dialogue Highlight:

Several hours in jail hadn’t done anything to lessen Chandler Hamilton’s physical appeal. The man was a god. Nature had certainly wasted a vast amount of beauty on the jerk. Even with his striped shirt wrinkled, his golden hair a mess, he was the most delicious hunk of flesh Jane had seen in some time.
“Hello, Chandler,” Jane said as she held the door open.
“How do you know my name?”
“Ryan, of course, though I could have easily checked the registration in your yacht on wheels out there. You’re Chandler Wade Hamilton the third, of blood bluer than the Pacific. I know all about you.”
“Ah yes. The curse of the family name.”
“Ha! If it’s a curse to have everything handed to you since day one, then please,” she held up her hands, “let your curse fall upon me.”
“Look,” Chandler raked his long fingers through his disheveled blond locks, “could I just have my keys?”
“Sure. Come in for a minute and I’ll grab them for you.”
He shuffled in slowly. Poor thing was no doubt exhausted.
Poor thing? Had that thought really just crossed her mind? The poor thing had heckled her all last night and had cost her Lisa Taylor’s representation. By the time Jane and Ryan had talked Jim out of the charges, Lisa had already left, taking Jane’s big break with her.
“Thanks for not wrecking my car.”
She sighed. What an asshole! No use getting bent out of shape at his rudeness. “I do happen to possess a valid driver’s license in the name of Jane Christine Rock. Which is my real name, by the way.” She waved toward the couch. “Have a seat. I’ll go get your keys.”
She hurried to her bedroom and retrieved them from her purse.
“Here you are.” She jingled them as she returned to the living room.
He’d fallen asleep on her couch. A soft snore sneaked from his throat. Just what she needed.
She knelt down beside him and nudged him gently. Damn, his hard muscled shoulder felt wonderful beneath her fingertips. Better shoulders didn’t exist on the planet, she was certain.
Chandler, wake up.”
“Mmmm.” His deep voice rumbled, a husky caress.
Why the hell was this turning her on? Yeah, he may look like a god, but he was an asshole of major proportions.
“Damn it, Chandler, come on.” She nudged him again.
“Mmmm. Jane.”
“Yes, it’s Jane. I’m right here.”
One green eye slid open. “Mmmm. Beautiful Jane.”
His hand gripped her forearm and pulled her downward until her lips were inches from his full pink mouth.
“Kiss me, Jane Rock.”
Was he kidding? He raised his head slightly and brushed his soft lips against hers.
Apparently not kidding.
Electricity tingled through her and landed between her legs. Damn. From one little kiss?
Chandler’s emerald eyes widened. Had he felt it too?
Within seconds Jane found herself on top of the tousled hunk, his hardness pressing into her thigh. His full mouth, lips slightly parted, beckoned. His breath was warm on her cheek. Before she could think herself out of it, she pressed her mouth to his once more.
The tip of his tongue glided across the seam of her lips, and with each gentle caress her skin ignited. Her breath caught, then rasped out in a shallow pant when she parted her lips.
He tasted of peppermint, and his tongue was sleek and warm against hers. She chased it, nibbled at it, sucked on its soft tip. Every cell in her body screamed at her to explore his mouth, to kiss him harder. Yet she held back. This was Chandler Hamilton the third, asshole extraordinaire who had screwed up her chance with Lisa Taylor.
She pulled away.
“Look, Chandler, this is—”
His talented hands captured her face between them and pulled her back to his mouth. His tongue thrust inside, not gentle this time, but with a forceful domination that pulled her into his heat. Their lips slid against each other, their tongues entwined and swirled together. Rumbling moans from his throat vibrated against the inside of her mouth and fueled her lust.
She wanted Chandler Hamilton the third.
She wanted him to take her to bed.
After a few frenzied moments of kissing, he broke their connection with a loud smack and nibbled across her cheek to her earlobe. “Where’s your bedroom?” he whispered.
Her mind a jumble, Jane slid off his hard body and grabbed his hand.
“Mmmm,” his voice rasped from behind her. “Such a nice ass. Even in those gray sweatpants. But especially in that tight leather skirt you were wearing last night.”
He had noticed? Through the haze of his drunkenness? She had sure noticed him despite his crass behavior. Even rumpled as he was, a finer specimen of manhood didn’t exist at this particular moment.
Could she really do this? Sleep with him? She hadn’t had sex in so long, he might find cobwebs down there. She was dripping already, so wet she might not even feel him thrust into her.
When she reached her bedroom, Chandler pressed her against the door, flattened his palms against the hard wood and caged her, then pressed his erection into her lower back.
Oh she had noticed while lying on top of him that nature hadn’t cheated him in that department either. Didn’t matter how wet she was—she would definitely feel his thrust.
She inhaled a shallow breath.
“You’re gorgeous.” His raspy whisper caressed the sensitive skin of her neck. Tiny ice drops penetrated the scorching blood in her veins. She shuddered.
“I want to slip inside you. Fuck you slow and sweet, then hard and fast.”
“God.” She thunked her forehead against the door.


First of all, I was cracking up when I first read this title. I totally took it for a double entendre and consequently figured I would end up reading a novella full of sex, sex, and more sex. Well, it had the steamy, hot sex alright, but I was surprised and delighted with the story told within. PIANIST ENVY was a cute story of two musicians who are worlds apart that unexpectedly strike a common chord when their attraction proves too much to resist.

Jane is a focused individual in the rock world trying to make it big. On the night of her big chance, with a music bigwig in the audience, she has a lot to prove. Unfortunately, she meets self-centered, obnoxious, Chandler. Even his name scream life of privilege and Jane immediately dislikes both his attitude and his lie of ease. Chandler has just been dealt a blow within his music profession and ends up drinking himself into a surly asshat. Problem is that while he instantly opposed what Jane’s music stands for, he is drawn to her with such intensity that he immediately retaliates with rudeness. And knocks her socks off when he takes her challenge to prove himself.

Probably the most interesting thing about this story is that both characters are complete opposites while fighting for the same thing. Each looks at the other as a fool for taking certain aspect of their life for granted; proving that people always want what they don’t have and frequently take for granted what they do. And somehow in all of this confused emotion, Jane and Chandler discover a deep attraction to one another that ends up stronger than each can resist.

I was a bit blind-sided by the unexpected instance of ménage in the story. Had to warn you all. The ménage doesn’t hurt the story at all, but neither was it necessary to the progression of the character’s relationship.

Overall, PIANIST ENVY is a fun story that incorporates a bit of character depth with a fun tale of two people from glaringly different worlds that ultimately find happiness in both similarities and differences. The sex sizzles off the pages and is sure to satisfy. For a quick read, guaranteed to strike a harmonious chord with your reading senses, PIANIST ENVY is a success.

(eBook provided by publisher for review.)