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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Interview and GIVEAWAY with Sandra Bunino

Interview and GIVEAWAY with Sandra Bunino

Hey everyone! We are back and today I have a wonderful author to share with you. I really enjoyed the blurb when this book was introduced to me and wanted to know more. I am sure you will also. What I like about the story is that is adds a bit with the female lead struggling with age and body issues. We all know that we struggle with this ourselves to several different degrees. It is nice to see something “real” tackled within the sexy stories that we love to read so much. I hope that you all enjoy getting to know more about this fun author and her latest release. Please allow me to welcome to the blog:


Sandra Bunino is a numbers crunching business professional by day who stays up past her bedtime thanks to her oh-so-sexy imagination. Who needs sleep, anyway? Sandra is constantly searching for different ways to achieve a heart-pumping, stomach-flipping, breath-catching reaction from her readers.

These days, Sandra lives on a wooded mountaintop not far from New York City with her family. She always looks forward to hearing from her readers and she may be contacted at . As a social media junkie in need of a ten-step program, you can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter (@sandrabunino). 

Remember, following is sexy!

You can find out more about Ms. Bunino in the following places:

**The Satin Rose Experience, 4**

Release date: September 12, 2013

From Evernight Publishing

She’s forty and vanilla…he’s twenty-eight and…not. 

Score one for Kate Angel. She’s just signed the hottest erotica author to her start up publishing house, Angel Books, but she needs a crash course in kink to appease her demanding client. Creating a profile seems like an innocent way to do her homework and satisfy her curiosity. 

Mason Myers has lived a lifetime in his twenty-eight years. The product of an Irish orphanage, he grew up fast to overcome his lonely, humble beginnings to become the successful businessman he is today. He's also an experienced Dom at the Satin Rose Experience, an elite BDSM club in New York City. 
A mutual appreciation for modern art establishes their online connection. Mason convinces Kate to meet him at the Guggenheim museum’s erotica exhibit where she reveals her fascination in the art of rope bondage, known as Shibari. Introducing her to the ancient art within the safety of the club, Mason helps Kate surrender her deep-seated hang-ups about her age and body image. 

As the physical and emotional ties that bind her into the submissive of his fantasies tighten, can Kate learn to break the emotional tethers ruling her life and embrace the freedoms they bestow?

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How has your life changed since becoming published?
Yes and no. I still have the same responsibilities and roles I had in my pre-published days. I’m a wife, mother and I work full time. I haven’t found the secret in magically getting the laundry and dishes cleaned and put away. However, I’m lucky I get to indulge my writing side by going to conferences attended by Sylvia Day (I met her this summer!), and chatting with awesome writers and readers.

I love it when authors get star-struck by other authors. And if you ever gen in touch with that magical housework fairy, please let me know! *nods* What is your typical day like?
I work during the week but try to get some writing in at night or during my lunch hour. I write most weekends, however I take time off from writing too. My son is in football season now so I love to go to his games and hang out with my family.

ACK! I do not think that I could watch my kids play a game that could potentially hurt them. Luckily none of them have wanted to … yet. You must have a stronger constitution than I. Tell us a little about your current release, Tie Me Free.
Tie Me Free is from my Satin Rose Experience series. It’s what I like to call “BDSM lite” because I center on the sensual side of dominance and submission. If you like erotic romance but not the shock of hard core BDSM, you’ll like this series. Tie Me Free focuses on Shibari, the ancient art of Japanese rope bondage.

Here’s the blurb:
She’s forty and vanilla…he’s twenty-eight and…not.

Score one for Kate Angel. She’s just signed the hottest erotica author to her start up publishing house, Angel Books, but she needs a crash course in kink to appease her demanding client. Creating a profile seems like an innocent way to do her homework and satisfy her curiosity.

Mason Myers has lived a lifetime in his twenty-eight years. The product of an Irish orphanage, he grew up fast to overcome his lonely, humble beginnings to become the successful businessman he is today. He's also an experienced Dom at the Satin Rose Experience, an elite BDSM club in New York City.

A mutual appreciation for modern art establishes their online connection. Mason convinces Kate to meet him at the Guggenheim museum’s erotica exhibit where she reveals her fascination in the art of rope bondage, known as Shibari. Introducing her to the ancient art within the safety of the club, Mason helps Kate surrender her deep-seated hang-ups about her age and body image.

As the physical and emotional ties that bind her into the submissive of his fantasies tighten, can Kate learn to break the emotional tethers ruling her life and embrace the freedoms they bestow?

I like it. A lot. Any upcoming projects you would like to tell us about?
I have a few things in the works! I’m writing another Satin Rose Experience series story. I hope to have it done and out for the holidays. I’m also almost finished writing an emotional and “angsty” story. The hero and heroine are both fighting demons from their past.

I wonder, since you mentioned “angsty”, if your mood is ever effected by what your characters are experiencing or if it more the opposite when your mood effects how your characters feel. How do you keep in contact with your readers?
I’m a social media junkie and chat with many of my readers on Facebook and Twitter. I also have an active blog where I encourage readers to comment.

I love social media junkie authors. They keep things real and allow the reader so much more than just the book. What is your favorite thing about this book?
I love Kate’s growth through the book. Even though she’s successful in business, personally she battles body/age issues. She’s pretty self-conscious at the beginning of the story. With the help of Mason, Kate opens her mind to some kinky possibilities.

Good of you to tackle an issue that affects so many women. WE may be reading for pleasure, but we can also possibly learn a thing or two as well. *wink* And I love that, assuming my supposition is correct, that Mason doesn't give a fig about what Kate will view as bad about her age and body. What’s next for the Satin Rose Experience series?
Asher Cane, owner of The Satin Rose Experience, is opening a second club in Las Vegas. He has a special suite designed just for Mia Lavender, VP of Client Experience at SRE, who is also his submissive. Mia’s training began in book 1, Mia’s Submission. One year later, Asher’s ready to put her through the final test.

Nice! Sounds like I have been missing out. Something I will have to rectify in the very near future. How do you celebrate when you finish a novel?

I start another!

As a reader, I approve of this celebratory practice. What are you reading now? Any favorites you tend to go back to?
I’m reading Lisa Renee Jones’ Being Me, the 2nd book in her Inside Out Trilogy. The 3rd just released this week! I also enjoy Roni Loren’s Loving on the Edge series.

Ms. Loren is new to me. I will have to check her out. Was there something in particular that gave you the idea for this book/series?
A trip to the W Hotel in New York City gave me the idea for the Satin Rose Experience series. In fact, the SRE lounge is modeled after the W’s martini bar.

Awesome! I love how real life experience can be pulled into a book. Any advice you’d like to share for aspiring writers?
It’s a great time to be a writer and author. If you want to write a book, stop talking about it and just do it!

Yes. Just dew eet! Tell us one thing that readers wouldn’t know about you.
I have an Accounting degree and an MBA.

Good for you! Do you have any other hobbies or interests besides writing?
I’m an art and photography geek. I love spending the day gallery hopping.

How fun! Salty or Sweet?

Agreed. Alcoholic or Non-alcoholic?
Martini, anyone?

Guess we got our answer. LOL Opposites: 1 thing that never fails to make you happy and one thing that never fails to make you see red.
Flowers / Dishonesty

Have to agree again. Boxers or briefs?

I think it depends on the guy. Long hair or short hair on a guy?
Short in real life / longish in fiction 

First answer like that, but I like it. You are right. Caffine or Decaf?

As it should be. Favorite midnight snack?

Oh yum! Second only to Doritos. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Depends on the day.

Wow. You can switch? Wish I could! I am a complete introvert! Flowers or chocolate?
Oh – that’s a hard one but I’m leaning toward flowers.

I am thinking that it may depend upon the occasion. Do you have any phobias or fears?
Roller coasters

Oh noes! They are so much fun! Are you a night person or morning person?
Night owl

Yeah. I lean toward night but in truth I am probably neither. All I ever want to do is take a nap. Mostly because I can't ever take a nap. *sighs* Tell us one random piece of information that you could have lived your whole life without ever knowing?
The average chocolate bar has 8 insect legs in it. (Makes me happy I chose flowers up there!)

I could have gone MY whole life without ever knowing that. Thanks for that! *grumbles* There goes my chocolate chip pancake idea. :) Now how about a little taste of TIE ME FREE?

By reading any further you are stating you are at least 18 years of age.
If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary for you to exit this site.

Kate stared at the platform as the click of the door sounded over the mesmerizing music. Looking over her shoulder, she found Mason watching her from his spot next to the door. She turned to the only other piece of furniture, a large armoire with a double door. “May I?” She glanced back to Mason.
He extended his hand toward the cabinet. “Of course. Please.”
Kate’s heels clicked on the wood floor as she approached the cabinet and swung open the door. Assorted colors of rope lengths lined the shelves. Kate fingered the cords and pulled out a loop of red silk rope. “I didn’t realize the ropes were so soft.”
Mason pushed off from the wall and walked to her. “The ropes are an extension of the person performing the tying. An extension of their arms and fingers. They’re meant to caress and comfort. The ropes are symbolic of the connection between the individuals involved in the scene as you saw outside.” Mason stood just a whisper from her face. His thumb brushed her fingers holding the silk cord as their gazes locked. “How about a little roleplay, Kate?”
She cocked her head. “Roleplay?”
Do you want to know how it feels to be dominated? To be tied?”
Kate held her breath and her heartbeat hammered in her chest.
Kneel on the platform and put your hands behind your back.”
Your safe word is moon. Use it now or anytime during the session.”
Session? We never talked about a session tonight.” Kate pulled her hand away but Mason held it firm in his grasp. “I’m not playing games with you, Mason.” She wriggled her wrist free and walked toward the painting.
Soft footfalls approached and his breath tickled at the back of her head. “You’re looking for something more in your life, Kate. It’s why you took on Blaze as a client, it’s why you joined Domsublife, it’s why you met me at the Guggenheim and it’s why you’re here in this suite. I’d kept tabs on your reaction and body cues as you watched the demonstration. You’re craving to be bound, I can taste it. And I assure you, this is no game. If you don’t like it or it makes you feel uncomfortable to the point you want to stop, say the safe word and I’ll stop and untie you. No questions asked.”
He was right. Somehow he’d always been right on the mark when it came to her and what she was feeling. The music ceased for a moment between songs. Kate spun around to meet his stare, heartbeat pounding in her chest as her breathing became shallow but she refused to break their stare.
Kate considered his words and studied his face. “Are the cameras on? Are they watching?”
Mason nodded. “Yes. Surveillance is on. I gave Mia and Asher the heads up that you might want to experiment. They have your safe word.”
Kate turned back to face the painting and leaned into his chest. “You scare me,” she whispered.
His fingertips trailed a path up and down her arms. “Why?”
Because you seem to know what I’m thinking before I do.” Because you’re so right for me but so wrong. Because you’re like a gooey, delicious ice cream sundae I’ll never allow myself to taste.
Mason chuckled. “Is that a bad thing?” His voice poured through her body. Closing her eyes, she pulled away from him. Her glance moved from the door to the platform. She’d never have another chance like this to experience it. Kate squared her shoulders. “Okay. But I’m not getting naked,” she said, holding an index finger up. She moved to the platform and kneeled. Even though the surface was hard, a calmness came over her as she moved to the middle of the table and gazed over the painting in front of her.
I’m fine with that limit, for now, except for your feet.” Mason slipped off her shoes and rubbed tight circles his thumbs into the arch of her foot.
Kate let out a throaty moan. “How do you know how to do that?”
Reflexology. It’s part of the study of shibari. I also learned where the body’s pressure points are.” His thumbs traveled to the balls of her feet and let up on the pressure. “How’s that feel?”
Kate groaned. “Heavenly.” Her muscles loosened instantly.
Good. Now just relax, spread your knees apart and sit on your heels. This will be the most comfortable position for you as we do this.”
Kate complied as his fingers traveled up her back to her shoulders. “You have knots in your shoulders. Under stress?”
That’s an understatement,” she snorted.
Close your eyes and get lost in the music. Don’t think of anything outside of this room. It’s just you and me.”
Kate smiled. “There is no you and me, Mason.”

Do you enjoy erotic romance? If so, on a scale from 1 – 5, how kinky do you like your books on the Kink-o-Meter
(1 = none at all, 5 = the more the better)

One random commenter will win an eCopy of Mia’s Submission (The Satin Rose Experience, book 1).

So now you get a chance to tell me what you thought. I loved that excerpt. It gave us just a taste of exactly what the book is about and I caught the body image issue within the scene. I think I love Mason already. What did you think? Would you be likely to read this book? Have you read Ms. Bunino before? Have you read this series before? Your feedback is always welcome so please feel free to leave a comment below. And do not forget to answer Ms. Bunino's question. How kinky do you like your stories to be?

I want to thank Ms. Bunino for spending some time with us today and for taking the time to answer the interview questions. I had a lot of fun and I hope that you all did as well. If you liked the book, it is also part of a series. Book 4 actually, so you have plenty of reads to keep you going for now. And it sounds as if it won't be long before book 5 is out. You also have a chance to WIN so be sure to enter Ms. Bunino's GIVEAWAY before you leave here today. You have nothing to lose so you might as well give it a try, yes?

If you enjoyed what you experienced here today, please consider adding this book or series to your TBR list – or consider showing your support for this author by purchasing a copy of this book or series for yourself. It is one way that we as readers can both support the authors we enjoy and also guarantee future reading pleasure from said author. I hope that you all enjoyed your time spend here today. I will be seeing you all soon. Be sure to answer the author question and enter the giveaway before you hop out! Until next time ...

Friday, September 13, 2013

Spotlight with author T C Archer

Spotlight with author T C Archer

Welcome back for the second post of the day. I started the day out with a sweet romance, but we are shifting gears now into a fast-paced read, guaranteed to rev your engine. Like that awesome introduction? *buffs nails* I do try. So as you may have guessed, we are into the fabulous world of fast cars and faster lifestyles. I wanted to share this book with you because I thought that it sounded pretty good. Not to mention the aweseomsauce flip in roles. Instead of the hunky sweaty mechanic bent over his engine, this one features a buxom beauty that knows her stuff when it comes to all things car-related. And Mr. hot stuff driver will likely have a few issues coming to grips with such a fact. But I will stop talking about it and let you guys find out for yourselves with the excerpt I have chosen. Please allow me to introduce to the blog, the writing duo:


T. C. Archer is comprised of award winning authors Evan Trevane and Shawn M. Casey. They live in the Northeast. Evan has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and Shawn is a small business owner. Their collaboration began on a lark with the post WWII film noir story The Pickle My Little Friend, and has evolved into over a dozen works, which includes their new series The Phenom League, and Daphne Du Maurier winner the romantic thriller For His Eyes Only.

You can find out more about TC Archer in the following places:


Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Categories: Mystery/Thriller, Sports-Themed
Publisher: Etopia Press
Release Date: July 6, 2013
Heat Level: Sensual
Word Count: 95,000


Fast cars and a smokin' hot passion...

Rex intends to own and drive his own car, but that will cost him millions up front. Last season was a disaster, thanks to a nasty break up, but it taught him a lesson and helped sharpen his focus on what he needed to do: Win every race. And stay away from pretty girls. The last thing he needed was to learn that his new head mechanic, Jimmy James, was the gorgeous redhead pin-up walking around his pit like it was some kind of dance floor.

Gail "Jimmy" James is the first female NASCAR mechanic. As if competing in a man's world isn't tough enough, her bombshell figure bellies her genius IQ, and the pit is no place for either. Nothing Jimmy knew about Rex Henderson the driver prepared her for Rex Henderson the man. But Jimmy has no time to dwell on her feelings as strange mechanical problems curse Rex's car. Whether sabotage or her own mistakes, Jimmy must stay one step ahead of trouble if she's going to keep her job, and keep her driver alive...

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By reading any further you are stating you are at least 18 years of age.
If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary for you to exit this site.
Rex pushed open the door to the garage and stepped onto freshly waxed concrete. Despite last year’s sting, his heart raced as it always did at the start of the season when he first laid eyes on the immaculate eight thousand square-foot garage.
A dozen red, five-foot-tall toolboxes stood guard beside the uncluttered workbenches that lined the cinderblock walls. No. 14 sat in the first assembly area on the right, awaiting paint and window netting. Rex slid his gaze along the trunk and over the top of the car. The new Chevy was his ticket to owning a crew next season.
He started forward, then halted when a shapely figure in powder blue coveralls shifted into view. She bent over the engine like a real mechanic. What idiot had left his girlfriend to roam the garage alone? Rex dropped his gaze from the red ponytail to the feminine undercarriage on her fine frame and angled his head to get a better look. He couldn’t see her face, but judging by her body, her boyfriend had taste.
She pressed against the fender and in closer to the engine, straddling the front tire like Daisy Duke at her finest. Ouch! The fabric of the coveralls stretched across the lovely curves of her buttocks, complete with bikini brief panty lines. Rex shook off an unexpected need to hook a finger under those panties.
He crept to the car with panther-like stealth. She hadn’t emerged from the open hood when he leaned a hip against the fender beside her and drawled, “What fool left you alone in my garage, darlin’?” She stilled, and he ran his gaze the length of her five foot four body, then back to her taut rear end. He laughed softly. “You better come out before you get dirty.” Rex shifted his attention to the sparkplug wire she gripped. He straightened in shocked anger. “What the hell are you doing to my car?”
He seized her arm as she started to straighten and yanked her from under the hood. Her head struck the hood with a thunk. She gasped and Rex released her.
Ouch!” Her hand flew to the top of her head and vigorously massaged the spot. “Why did you do that?”
No one screws with my—”
She jerked her head around and Rex’s mouth went dry when his gaze met gorgeous brown eyes tinged with fury.
That hurt!” She shoved back a lock of hair that had fallen loose from her ponytail and glared at him.
Those were the eyes a cowboy found only in a dream—and in midnight encounters in front of a wood-burning fire.
The sprinkling of pale freckles across her cheeks scrunched up when she wrinkled her nose. Her eyes narrowed. “Here, hotshot.” She shoved the sparkplug wire into his chest. “You put the plug wires on. You know the firing order of your Chevy V-8?”
Rex raised a brow. “As a matter of fact—”
Let me get you started,” she snapped as she gave her head another vigorous rub, “one, five, two, eight…”
Look,” Rex retorted, “no one touches—” A hand clamped down on his shoulder and he whirled to find Duff standing behind him.
I see you’ve met Jimmy James, our new mechanic,” Duff said.
Rex stared at the buxom figure, then faced Duff. “Mechanic? What the hell were you thinking? Even in those coveralls she doesn’t look like a mechanic. She looks like a…like a…hell, like she belongs on Sex in the City.”
Hey!” she exclaimed.
Her qualifications are top notch,” Duff interrupted.
Why didn’t you just paint her on the hood hugging the damn Cozy fabric softener rabbit?” Rex shot back. “That’d get Cozy to renew their sponsorship for the next ten years.” He pictured her, sheet thrown across breasts and hips, one leg sprawled over the rabbit’s belly. “We’ll get nothing done with her around,” he added tightly.
Winston doesn’t concur.” Duff turned Rex to face Jimmy. “Jimmy, this is your driver, Rex Henderson.”
I know who he is.” The lock of hair had fallen across her eye again. She jammed it behind an ear. “You ought to keep him in his cage.”
Duff chuckled. Rex gave him a thin-lipped scowl, then leaned against the car and crossed his arms over his chest. Jimmy flicked him a withering glare. His groin pulsed.
He ran his gaze down her body before meeting her fiery brown eyes again. “Only if you’ll be my cage-mate.”
She drew a sharp breath and a camera flash lit the garage behind Rex. He whirled in time to catch a second flash in the eyes. Spots raced across his vision, but he made out the figure straightening from a crouch behind a workbench near the side door. The man lifted the camera to his eye and Rex jammed his eyes shut an instant before the flash penetrated his eyelids.
Rex snapped open his eyes and started for the paparazzo. “I’m going to kick your ass!”
The man pivoted toward the side door.
Rex accelerated to a sprint with Duff close behind.
The photographer bolted through the door. “Sex in the City!” He laughed, adding before the door banged shut behind him, “Cage-mates.”
Rex slammed into the door a second later and flung it open as the photographer dove into the passenger seat of a beat up blue Subaru. Rex hit the asphalt at a sprint as the car leaped into gear, passenger door ajar. Rex picked up speed. The Subaru slowed at the end of the building and Rex thought he had him, but the car rounded the corner and accelerated toward the open gate at the entrance.
Dammit. During the off-season, no guard manned the front gate. Rex cursed again and picked up speed. The paparazzo had probably followed him onto the property. He should have closed the security gate after he entered.
The car leaped over the parking lot speed bump and hit the street, tires squealing as it hung a right and zoomed away. Rex slowed and stopped at the curb. The blue compact had reached the end of the block and took a hard left toward the freeway. Damn. He didn’t get the license number.

I apologize for some of the formatting issues. I have had a heck of a time making the switch to open office. >:( But I think I nailed it for the most part. I have to tell you that I Had a heck of a time choosing one excerpt to share with you. When you give a blogger seven choices – and not just a blogger, but also a reader and reviewer, well, telling me to choose one is a very difficult thing to do. Mostly because I want to share them all with you. But alas, I could only choose one and so I hope that you all enjoyed the one I featured. However, the link to the tour schedule is linked up to the CBLS logo at the end of the post, so if you want to find those other excerpts, take a look there. :)

So now is the chance you all get at the end of each post. Tell me what you thought. Have you read TC Archer before? Are you likely to read this book? Have you read or what do you think about the racing world as a backdrop to books? Your comments are always welcome, so please feel free to leave a comment below.

I would like to thank TC Archer for being with us today and spending a bit of time. I hope that you all enjoyed getting to know a little about this author and the book. If you liked what you experienced here today, please consider adding the book to your TBR list – or even purchasing a copy for yourself. Supporting the authors that bring us reading pleasure ensures future reading happiness for us all. I wish you all a terrific rest of the day and will be seeing you all soon. If you missed the first post, be sure to check it out before you hop out today. Until next time ...

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