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Friday, December 15, 2017

Feature: Dragon Guardian by Ophelia Bell (Immortal Dragons)

**Dragon Guardian by Ophelia Bell**

Welcome Back! Not too long ago, I featured the series SLEEPING DRAGONS. I was intrigued by the premise involving their process for finding their mate. Hat scenario could go either way, and so I featured the series in order to find out more. I was not disappointed and I still have the series in my TBR list. The series today is the same author, but a different dragon series, entitled IMMORTAL DRAGONS. I was a bit confused initially because I had thought that this book was part of the previously featured series, but in looking further in to the author’s works, I realized that there are actually two different series. You guys probably caught on before I did, but I wanted to mention that in case anyone took a minute like I did. 😊  This book is the 5th in the IMMORTAL DRAGONS series and is entitles DRAGON GUARDIAN. The book is, well … go ahead and read the excerpts for yourself and keep in mind I chose the two tamest. LOL Please allow me to feature, once again, Ms. Ophelia Bell …

**Ophelia Bell**


Ophelia Bell loves a good bad-boy and especially strong women in her stories. Women who aren't apologetic about enjoying sex and bad boys who don't mind being with a woman who's in charge, at least on the surface, because pretty much anything goes in the bedroom.

Ophelia grew up on a rural farm in North Carolina and now lives in Los Angeles with her own tattooed bad-boy husband and four attention-whoring cats.

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Publication Date: December 8, 2017
Series: Immortal Dragons
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance


Time is of the essence. But is it friend, or foe?

For Aodh, the answer is clear. Trapped in a magical prison on an island thousands of years in the past, time has become his enemy. The only person who can save him is Neph, an old lover he didn’t exactly part on good terms with who is also one of the twin leaders of the nymphaea.

Neph, however, has a different view of time. Time is what allows him to court Vrishti, Aodh’s fated mate and a powerful ursa princess. But as long as she remains a virgin, her true power will remain trapped inside her. It’s practically Neph’s duty to help her unleash it.

They’ll need her power for the coming war. Their mortal enemy looms ever closer. Every strategy is fair game now, not just on the battlefield—but in love as well.

For the first time in Neph’s and Aodh’s storied history, sharing a third might just be the charm.

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By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.
If you are under the age of 18, please exit this site.

Vrishti took another long swallow of wine, her eyes wide and intense. “What if I told you I could give you a link to the Source? I know an ursa spell that lets me access that power.”

The hesitance in her voice was the only thing that kept him from jumping up and demanding that she show him now. He spread his fingers and pressed his palms flat on the surface of the table, staring across at her.

 “If you have a spell that does that, I want to see it. Then we can decide if I can reach Aodh.”

“I can’t,” she said. “Not yet. I haven’t reached my estrous yet, and I won’t have enough power for the spell until I do.”

“The spell is tied to your fertility, isn’t it?” he asked, beginning to understand her fear of divulging all the details. If she hadn’t reached her estrous, there was a strong chance she was a virgin. More than strong, judging from her behavior. The power wasn’t just the simple command of the life energy that permeated the world and all living things—a power even a male ursa like Cade could access at will, if they were trained for it.

“I have to … um,” she began, then shot a fearful look at them both as though she’d just realized she was sitting in a room alone with two very virile males.

Cade was the first to break the silence, and he did so with a loud laugh. “Kiddo, you’ve dug yourself into a nice little hole here, haven’t you? I’ll help you out, since you’re very new to the whole ursa gig. All that sweet power that builds up inside females before their estrous comes straight from the Source. That’s why it’s so damn dangerous. But the only way to let it out is for you to have an orgasm. Or even better, a whole lot of orgasms. I never knew it could be harnessed and reused … Mostly us males just channel it back to Gaia. So you’re telling us that you have a spell that lets you do that?”

Cade’s clinical explanation did nothing to cool Neph’s rising lust. Vrishti had come to him with this request, one that she knew required her to give herself to him. Or did she know?

“You understand this means we’ll have to fuck?”

Gaia’s tears, simply saying the words made his cock painfully hard.

Cade cursed. “Let the kid get her bearings, for fuck’s sake. Nobody’s fucking anybody.”

“It’s all right, Cade,” Vrishti said. “I … I’m aware of how I access the power. I only had an idea of how you would access it, but now I know. If it means rescuing Aodh, then I’m prepared.”

Neph let out a sardonic chuckle. “I don’t think you are.” He stood up from the table. “Let me show you exactly what you need to be prepared for, because the only way for me to use my full power is in my primal form.” He swiftly unbuttoned his shirt, then his jeans, stripping deliberately out of each item of clothing, ignoring Cade’s fountain of profanity. She had to see.

Vrishti sat stock still, her mouth slightly open and her eyes growing wider.

“You don’t have to …” she started. “I mean, I get it …” She raised a hand when he stood naked in front of her after walking around the table.

“This isn’t what I need to show you,” he said, then summoned his primal shape and shifted. In a smooth flow of magic, his body grew. Giant horns sprouted from his head, curving back from his temples in coiling ram’s horns, and his lower body spawned a coat of thick, black fleece. “This is.”

Even in his human shape, it’d been impossible not to be aroused by her. His simple nakedness a moment earlier had heightened her reaction to the point that he could easily scent her desire. But now his cock had grown in both size and need with the surge of his primal instincts. The thick length protruded from its nest of fleece at his groin, massive shaft curving up in a smooth arc that pointed directly at Vrishti.

“Are you prepared for this, girl?” he asked, voice dripping with every ounce of lust that filled him. He gripped his shaft and gave it a long stroke, enjoying how she licked her lips. He’d happily bend her over the table and fuck her now, but despite that wild craving, he still knew better—though he would have tormented her more with his satyr shape if Cade hadn’t stepped between them and shoved Neph backward.

“You fucking son of a bitch! Get yourself under control, man. I said, nobody is fucking anyone in this house. Not tonight. Not after all that goddamn wine, and especially not without her saying she’s good and goddamn ready for it.” He turned to look at Vrishti, and in a more comforting tone said, “He is right, though, kiddo. You are far from prepared for his crazy ass.”


As expected, the scent of frying bacon was the thing that finally roused her somewhere on the second floor. His ears twitched and tingled when her feet hit the floor above and the creak of the wooden joints betrayed her movements. He kept cooking, tracking her noises while he fried several eggs and made toast. She moved across the hall to the bathroom, probably brushing her teeth and hair. Then she made her way to the top of the stairs and stopped.

He heard nothing but her breathing for several moments, then her steps retreated back toward the bedroom she’d slept in. Then returned and halted once more at the top step.

His mouth quirked to the side. Indecisive girl.

“Breakfast is ready!” he shouted in her direction. But rather than come down, she retreated again.

“Coming!” she called from down the hall near the doorway to her room.

Neph shook his head, laughing softly to himself at her ridiculous ruse. Finally her footsteps made it to the top step and came farther, but he frowned when he heard the soft swish of fabric accompanying her movements.

She entered the living room and crossed it, smiling nervously at him. Her wavy black tresses shone from a fresh brushing and her eyes were bright with a strange inner excitement that made him itch to understand. Had she followed all his instructions the night before? This morning? He inhaled slowly, hoping to catch a hint of whether she had … But if she were aroused at all, he couldn’t tell over the scent of fresh bacon.

But she wasn’t naked, which was obvious, and she was also obviously pretending that she didn’t know she’d broken the rules already.

“Smells delicious!” she said, sweeping up to where he stood with his hands full of two plates, one filled with toast, the other with the aromatic bacon. Her gaze tracked the dish and he caught the soft rumble of her belly. She reached out to steal a piece, but he lifted the plate just out of her reach.

“No you don’t,” he said, narrowing his eyes at her.

“What? You just said breakfast was ready. Why can’t I eat?”

Her eyes were fixed on the plate and the pink tip of her tongue darted out to lick her lips.

“You can eat when you take that off,” he said, nodding at the patchwork, kimono-style robe she was wearing cinched tight around her waist.

She dropped her hand and froze, her gaze finally tearing away from the bacon to look at him. The caramel skin of her throat rippled as she swallowed.

“It … it’s too cold in here …” She glanced over her shoulder toward the fireplace.

“Bullshit,” he said. “I could happily strip with that fire blazing, so I know you can handle the temperature. If you want my help, you have to follow my rules, Vrishti. Strip.”

Vrishti glared at him and tugged at the belt of her robe. “I can’t fucking believe I’m taking my clothes off for bacon.”

“Good girl,” he said, smirking at her and carrying the food to the table.

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So you see – as indicated in Ms. Bell’s bio, there is no shame in sex what-so-ever and she’s definitely got the good bad-boy thing down. So now I’d like to know what you guys thought. Would you read a book like this? What did you enjoy the most? Have you read Ms. Bell or her dragon books before? I’d love to know what you thought! Your feedback is always wanted.  I hope you all enjoyed your time here today. A thanks to Xpresso Book Tours for putting all of the info together. And a special thank you to Ms. Bell for once again allowing us to feature her and her book today!

As always, buy links are included in the post. If you are so inclined, purchase the book for yourself. There is no better way to support an author. I would like to thank each and every one of you for joining us today. Wishing you all a fabulous day. Until next time …



Thursday, December 14, 2017

ARC Review: His Pregnant Secretary by Joanne Rock (Little Secrets The McNeill Magnates #4)

Title: His Pregnant Secretary
          (Little Secrets; McNeill Magnates)
Author: Joanne Rock
Release Date: December 1, 2017 (ARC)
Publisher: Harlequin ~ Desire
Category: Contemporary Romance
Type: Digital/Paperback


The boss’s baby bargain…

Becoming a father was never part of Jager McNeill’s plan, until the heat between him and his luscious assistant turned into searing passion. Now Delia Rickard is carrying his baby. After growing up without a father, Jager’s determined to be there for his child. And marriage would ensure that. But despite their chemistry, Delia’s unwilling to marry for anything less than love.

A trip with Jager to Manhattan could change all that. For in this enchanting city ablaze with Christmas lights, romance begins to blossom. And a kiss under the mistletoe just might turn into lasting love.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.
If you are under the age of 18, please exit this site.

 Favorite Line(s):

She was a confounding, complex and amazing woman.  ~  Jager


The pregnancy test lay facedown on the white tile countertop beside the sink. She’d left it there while she reread the instructions to be sure she understood. One line meant not pregnant. Two lines—however faint—meant she was going to have a child with Jager McNeill.
She’d read online that high tension and stress could delay a period. That had to be why she was late. So, holding her breath, she closed her eyes. Flipped over the stick on the cool tile.
Two. Lines.
One bright pink. One paler pink.
There was no denying it. And according to the package, this was the most reliable at-home pregnancy detection kit.
“Oh, no. No.”Her legs turned to jelly beneath her. She felt so dizzy she clutched the narrow countertop with both hands to steady herself. The stack of rolled yellow hand towels swayed against the wall as she stared at it.
No, wait. That was her swaying.
She stumbled back to sit on the edge of the garden tub, the last of her bubble bath gurgling down the drain with a sucking swish. Kind of like all the plans she’d had for independence once she had her father more securely settled. Plans to get a college degree one day. To travel somewhere beyond this tiny island where she’d been born.
Plans for a future where she called the shots and dictated her own life. She must not have taken the morning-after medicine soon enough, but at the time, she’d really wanted her doctor’s advice about the pill considering her health history.
Wasn’t it enough that she’d screwed up by nearly marrying a guy who didn’t care about her? Nope. She had to compound her foolishness by succumbing to a moment of passion with a man who would never see her as more than...what? A company employee? A former friend turned sometime lover?
Her child deserved better than that.
That simple truth helped her emotions to level out. Made the dizzy feeling subside a bit. She couldn’t afford to wallow in a pity party for what she’d wanted in life. She was going to be a mother, and that was something tremendously significant.
She might have messed up plenty of times on her own behalf, but Delia Rickard was not going to be the kind of woman who made mistakes where her baby was concerned. That didn’t mean she had a clue what to do next, but she sure planned to take her time and figure it out.
Deep breath in.
Deep breath out.
Before she even finished the exhale, however, a swift, hard knock sounded on the front door of the cottage.
“Delia?”The deep rumble of the familiar voice caused panic to stab through her.
Jager McNeill had come home.

Dialogue Highlight:

“How can you ask me that after what I went through with my engagement?” Delia slid her fingers free of Jager’s hand. Though her skin tingled pleasantly from the contact, her brain rejected his matter-of-fact proposal. She needed time to process all of this. Rushing headlong to make another mistake was not the answer, and she felt like she was hanging on by an emotional thread right now. “I already had one man try to marry me for purely business reasons.”
“Our child is hardly a business reason,” Jager reminded her. She noticed how he was still wearing his travel clothes: dark jeans, white tee and simply cut black jacket.
She would bet he’d driven here directly from the airport. His face was rough with a few days’ whiskers too, making her wonder what his trip chasing Damon around the globe had been like.
“A legal reason then,” she told him flatly. “I believe that’s the very language you used when you tendered the offer. Marriage as a legal channel to raise our child jointly.”
He drew a breath, no doubt to launch a counteroffensive, but she was simply not ready for this conversation tonight. His presence already loomed too big in her small living room, and with his child literally growing inside her, it was simply too much.
“Jager, I’m sorry.” She stepped closer, hoping to appeal to him as a friend. “I’m still reeling from all of this. Since we’ll be spending time together tomorrow to speak to my father and visit the doctor, maybe we could table this discussion for tonight to give us both a chance to get a handle on it?”
“I understand.” He nodded but made no move to leave. His blue gaze skimmed over her. “Will you join me for dinner? We can unwind and relax. No need to talk about anything you don’t wish to discuss.”
She hesitated. And in the small span of silence, he picked up her hand and slid his thumb across the center of her palm in a touch that was deliberately provocative. Or maybe she was just especially sensitive to his caress.
Either way, it gave her shivers.
“Delia, we were together the last time I was here for a reason.” His voice wound around her senses, drawing her in. “There is no need to deny ourselves a connection we couldn’t resist then either.”
She swayed in limbo, hovering between wanting to lose herself in his touch, and wanting to set new parameters for a relationship grown way too complicated. In the end, she wasn’t ready to do either. Taking a deep breath, she extricated her fingers from his.
“That connection caused me to make a reckless decision that I’m unwilling to repeat.”
She knew resisting the pull of Jager McNeill was going to be a Herculean task, but for the sake of their child, she needed to sort out her feelings and make a plan before she ran headlong into another unwise decision.
“Very well.” He tipped his head in the barest concession of her point. “I’ll wait to hear from you in the morning. Let me know what time to pick you up.”
“Thank you. I’ll text you.” She knew tomorrow she’d face the same temptations all over again—to simply fall back into a heated relationship with Jager and indulge herself. But maybe after a good night’s sleep, she’d feel stronger. More ready to think about what kind of preparations she needed to make for her child’s future.
“Until then, I hope you bear in mind that I’m sleeping close by and I’m here for you, Delia.” He reached out and ran his finger along a damp strand of hair, tucking it behind her ear. Then, lowering his voice, he brushed the back of his knuckles along her cheek. “Day or night.”


Delia Rickard met Jager when she nearly crashed a stolen jet ski into him after discovering her finance’s dastardly plans on her wedding day. The two become fast friends and before Delia knew it, she was working for Jager and running his property and marina. Cut to 2 years later – the attraction has grown and they can’t deny it any longer. Except there is a consequence to their one night of passion. And now Delia has to decide if a life with Jager is truly what she wants because there is going to be a baby either way and she refuses to marry him if it isn’t for love.

Jager McNeill has wanted Delia since the day they met. And now they are having a baby together. He doesn’t have much time to convince her how great they will be together, but she won’t settle for anything less than love and Jager isn’t quite there yet. He knows she needs her job and working for him will be a complication, so he has his brother take over and solves that dilemma. But Jager is used to getting his way and his strong hand in the decisions of their unborn child might push Delia away if he doesn’t get a grip and learn what a true partnership consists of. He finally comes up with a plan to sway Delia on Christmas. If his plan fails, he will be sharing custody of his child with Delia, instead of sharing his life.

I have read a few books by Ms. Rock, but never a Harlequin Desire, so I wanted to try this one out. And I wasn’t disappointed. Ok, slightly disappointed, but only because I have never met the McNeill’s before now, An oversight that can be easily corrected. I was a little thrown off by both the title and the cover because this all takes place within the first 8 weeks or so of the pregnancy. Added with the fact that Delia isn’t really Jager’s secretary. She’s more of a manager at a property that he isn’t based out of, so their face-to-face interactions aren’t all that often. However, the obvious attraction is undeniable. I enjoyed getting to know Delia and Jager while they struggled to find a balance to this new and unexpected dynamic within their relationship. Both are suited well to one another, but so completely opposite in other areas. They end up having to decide if they are going to work together better as friends or a family. Or possibly friends with benefits and a child? Who knows – except that the burning hot attraction between them is almost tangible. These scenes were also a pleasure to read with just the right amount of description; not the sweet non-existent, but neither the over-the-top pornographic either.

There was quite a lot going on within the pages of this extremely quick read. You have Delia’s back story, Jager’s brothers and extended family (nearly a story on its own within this story), plus Delia and Jager fumbling along as up and coming parents. As much as this book had going on, Ms. Rock did an excellent job of writing so that everything flowed seamlessly while keeping the reader intrigued and engaged. This book was an excellent read, that I polished off quickly. The Christmas-theme was a nice touch given the current time of year, but I would have enjoyed this book no matter what time of year I read it. I will definitely be visiting this series again both before this book and after. There is so much I don’t know enough about that was hinted at and so much more left to unfold. While much was told, I did not feel that any of the fleeting information, or wonderful characters we were introduced to takes anything vital away from the other books. If anything, you will walk away more curious about the rest of the McNeills. That said, this book can be read with no issue as a standalone, but I feel that reading in order might make the experience that much more enjoyable. Treat yourself this holiday and just buy the whole series. 😊 I know I will be.

Kindle version provided by Alpha Literary Services/Author in exchange for an honest review.