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Friday, June 24, 2016

Review: Cowboys Make Better Lovers by Kelly Wallace

          Title: Cowboys Make Better Lovers
          Author: Kelly Wallace
          Release Date: October 4, 2011
          Publisher: Sinful Romance
          Category: Contemporary Romance
          Type: Digital, Paperback


When Sarah Collins loses her only sister in a car accident, she's surprised to learn that guardianship of her two nephews and infant niece has fallen equally to her and her brother-in-law. Sarah's not ready to be a parent, but can she trust playboy Raif Manning to do the job?

Raif, an illustrious photographer, is ready, willing, and eager to give up his wild bachelor lifestyle. He's just purchased an old, rundown farmhouse in Kansas and his number one priority is to restore it as the perfect place to raise his new family. Raif knows that he has to have a proper home for the kids if he's going to convince Sarah to give him sole custody.

But when Sarah shows up on Raif's doorstep he's completely unprepared. The house is in shambles, the kids are running amuck, and what's worse? As soon as Raif gets an eyeful of the sexy Sarah with her sassy attitude and completely transparent suit of armor, he falls hard and fast.

Little does Raif realize that while he's trying to find a way to lure Sarah into bed, she's finding her way into Raif's heart and helping him realize his dreams.

**Warning: Contains explicit language and erotic sex scenes**

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Well …… Apparently no place on the internet contains excerpts from this book. Can’t say I had any luck locating an author website either – sure, I found her psychic reading/self-help website, but nothing regarding these books. I’m annoyed. You should be able to find the books and info on the author other than specifically Amazon. Shows which career she takes seriously, which explains a lot given my review.


Sarah has just lost her only sibling, her sister, in a car accident – well she lost her several months back. But she never really checked up on her kids. Now Raif wants complete custody of them, so she sets out to see if he would make a fit guardian for them before she signs them over to him. Sarah basically invites herself in to his home to observe his interactions with the kids. She is also well to do – she doesn’t cook or clean and she is engaged to marry a man her father has picked out for her. When she meets Raif, sparks fly and attraction grows. 

Raif is a cowboy with a playboy reputation. A successful photographer, he has put his business on hold and pushed his womanizing ways in the past so that he can give the kids a stable home. When Sarah bursts into their life, he isn’t sure what to do. The attraction is real, but doing anything about it could cost him the kids. He agrees to let her stay, but only if she takes a hands-on approach helping him with the fixer-upper home he has just moved them in to.

Oh Lord! I very rarely give a 1 wing rating - mostly because I feel bad about it, knowing how much work goes in to writing and publishing a book. But, I don’t think I have read a book that I could care less about in quite some time. I didn’t put it down because I kept thinking that it must get better. Not that it was horrible, but there were sooooooo many problems with it. First, there were several times when, what I believe was meant to be an internal monologue occurred. However, it was just random sentences that switched to a first person though at the end of a third person paragraph. It was a bit confusing. Second, I don’t really know exactly where Raif being a cowboy came in to play. He was from a small town and that was the only bit of information I gleaned that even remotely had to do with him being a cowboy – besides wearing jeans and a Stetson and having a barn; facts which do not a cowboy make. Sarah was nowhere near true to how she was described – born with a silver spoon in her mouth, having never cleaned or cooked because she never had to, she masters cleaning and cooking with the exception of an egg shell in the eggs. I mean come on. How many people cook for the first time and are successful from a recipe with limited error? The author could have had fun with that scenario, but completely missed the opportunity. The kids were rarely present and the baby was virtually nonexistent, which completely defeated the purpose of Sarah’s presence altogether. And … given his reputation as a playboy, what the heck was up with them having unprotected sex? The characters couldn’t decide if they wanted to screw each other or kill each other. And it wasn’t a sexy kind of passionate build up between the screw or kill dilemma either. It was just plain annoying and childish. I mean – make her cut weeds and give her blisters for paybacks – and she fricking does it! Blergh!

Overall, this story had promise, but the author completely missed the mark. It could have been great, which ironically, is why I chose to read it; the very good reviews it had. If the reviewers consider this a great read, I shudder to think what they have been reading, or consider a bad story. In the end, it was passable as a quick read, but I didn’t give a crap about the characters. There was no connection for me with Raif and Sarah, the conflict didn’t really exist, the premise was weak, and the writing wasn’t all that great. Unless you are bored and have no other options, save yourself some time and skip this one.

Kindle version purchased for personal library

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