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Friday, January 27, 2012

ARC Review: The Rogue Pirate's Bride by Shana Galen

Title: The Rogue Pirate’s Bride
Author: Shana Galen
Release Date: April 7, 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Category: Historical Romance
Type: Kindle/Paperback


Book Blurb:


Out to avenge the death of his mentor, Bastien discovers himself astonishingly out of his depth when confronted with a beautiful, daring young woman who is out for his blood...


British Admiral's daughter Raeven Russell believes Bastien responsible for her fiancé's death. But once the fiery beauty crosses swords with Bastien, she's not so sure she really wants him to change his wicked ways...

Book Excerpt:

He leaned back, prepared to order Miss Russell to return to her father, carry her all the way, if necessary, when the shot exploded and he felt a hot spray of wooden splinters. Belatedly, he ducked then glanced up at the hole in the wooden door.

If he hadn’t turned back…

If he’d been standing just a fraction to the right…

“What are you doing?”

He felt her hand claw at his shoulder, then she reached past him and pulled the door closed.

“Someone’s shooting at you! Get down!” she cried, falling back against the wall as another lead ball hit the door, sending a shock reverberating through Bastien.

Bastien clenched his fist. El Santo had seen him after all. But Jourdain must be frantic to avoid Bastien if El Santo was willing to kill him so openly.  And that made Bastien all the more eager to bet his hands on the man – on both men. He reached into his coat and pulled out his pistol. A swish of green satin beside him drew his attention in time to see his cabin girl hike her skirts and draw a dagger from a belt strapped to her thigh.

A quite shapely thigh…

He blinked. “Put that away and go back to your father.”

She shook her head and flipped the dagger into throwing position. The move was smooth and practiced, and Bastien would have liked to see if she could throw and how accurately. Judging by her skills with a sword, he had a feeling her aim was deadly.

“Get out of here,” he ordered.

“I don’t think that’s possible.”

“Yes, it is…”

But she was looking over his shoulder, down the corridor through which they’d come. “No, it’s not. I believe that man with the pistol means to block our passage.”

Bastien closed his eyes. Merde.

Dialogue Highlight:

“Would you want me to be happy if our positions were reversed? Say you had been my fiancé and Timothy killed you. Would you want me to share his bed?”

He laughed. “Merde. You have me there. I’d want you to kill him.” He touched her nose with a finger then kissed that same spot with his lips. “But there’s no reason you can’t bed me and then kill me.”

She shook her head. “You know I’m never going to kill you.”

“I know.” He kissed her lightly. “I’ve known it all along, but I didn’t think you’d realized it yet.” He kissed her again, and she found her lips, her body, responding without even meaning to.

“What else do you know?” she whispered, wrapping her arms about him and digging her hands into his thick hair.

“You’re going to make love to me.”

“Have I realized that yet?”

He scooped her into his arms and carried her to the berth. “I think you might have an inkling.”

He head was spinning, and she didn’t know if it was because she had forgotten to eat or because he’d scooped her up so quickly. She suspected it was a bit of both and also because her heart was pounding in her chest. He put her down gently, keeping his hand behind her head, so as soon as she touched the pillow, his mouth was on hers and his body was pressed against hers.

She felt herself responding immediately to his warmth, to his touch, to everything he was she shouldn’t want.

Rogue. Pirate. Seducer.

She pulled him hard against her, buried her face against his neck and licked the swath of bronze skin she’d been eyeing earlier. She could feel his strong muscles and taste sea salt and something indefinable but definitely him, something definitely masculine.

He made a sound low in his throat then pulled back, cupping her face. “Aren’t you even going to make a show of protesting?”

She stared up at him and knew this was what fallen angels looked like. “Protesting?” Did he think she could actually refuse him? She ran a finger along the hard p lanes of his cheeks, down the smooth bridge of his nose.

Oui – protesting. ‘No, no, monsieur, we shouldn’t,’” he said in a high-pitched voice. “And finally you give in because you are overwhelmed by my caresses.”

“I am overwhelmed by your caresses. But I might be more overwhelmed if we were both wearing less clothing.”


I am in love with a Pirate and his name is Bastien. *le sigh* Is that not one of the best dialogue highlights you have ever read? I KNOW! It is fabulous! I can see the characters in the scene. Their expressions, their playful banter, their smoldering desire for one another. And I felt this way – this engaged – throughout the book in its entirety. This is my first Shana Galen book. I do own a couple of her books already, but have not had a chance to read them yet. *whispers* I’m thinking I will have to change that monumental mistake right quick. *runs to change reading order*

So Raeven is on a mission for vengeance. She has set out to take the life of the infamous pirate, Captain Cutlass. The Pirate has been implicated as the one responsible for the death of her fiancé when their ships tangled with one another on the high seas. Raised on a ship from a young age, Raeven has a bit of an odd upbringing and consequently she fears little. She knows her abilities, but perhaps isn’t so good at knowing where to draw the line and concede. Nor did she except to get knocked off her socks as soon as she came face to face with Bastien (Captain Cutlass).

Bastien is immediately intrigued by this boy child who has challenged him. Did I mention she meets him in a tavern in disguise? You are intrigued, no? So Raeven’s cover is blown fairly quickly, which only intensifies Bastien’s interest in her. His plans include punishing her by making her serve his as his cabin girl. But he doesn’t know Raeven and she has no such intention of complying with him. She makes her escape, but is immediately planning her next encounter with the murdering … breathtaking … underhanded … lust-inducing … well, you get the idea. She’s a bit conflicted within the emotions Bastien inspires.

I enjoyed getting to know both Raeven and Bastien and I liked that they both were unwilling to admit their love for one another. While they eventually admitted it to themselves, they found it difficult to believe that the other would open up to the possibility of being hurt again and consequently kept their deep feelings buried for a time. The secondary characters were also enjoyable. We did not get to know them very far below the surface, which worked out well because it kept the focus on the main characters. But part of me wished we had something to go on with at least one secondary character so that I could look forward to time spent with Bastien and Raven in the future. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening. I can only hope that Ms. Galen has another adventure on the high seas awaiting us somewhere down the road, if even with different characters. However, I did take note that this book is number 3 in The Sons of the Revolution Series. So, we can all at least look forward to reading about Bastien's family if we have yet to become acquainted with them. And I do assure you, I will be introducing myself very soon.

Prepared to be sucked into a world of danger, intrigue, humor, romance, and the thrill of the high seas. It’s swashbuckling! What does that word even mean? I have no idea, but it is fabulous, is in not? It says so much. I just like saying it. Swashbuckling, swashbuckling swashbuckling. You say it too. It makes you smile. *raises brow* Don’t be acting like I’m all crazy and you have no idea what I am speaking of. You know you agree. *nods* But seriously, readers and lovers of historical romance will love and adore Ms. Galen in no time. She easily rivals the writing of Lindsey, one of my all time favorites, and is without-a-doubt a sure read for me. In other words, when I see Galen, I buy. End of story. So what are you waiting for? Hmmmm? Oh! Appologies. *blushes* I appreciate you finishing up the review first. But I am done now. Hurry up and get your own. This is one you will treasure within your collection. Now go! The adventure awaits …

(advanced copy paperback provided by author for review)


  1. I read very few historical romances anymore but between the excerpts and your description, I'm tempted to give this one a try.

    1. Hey Bea! Thanks for stopping by! I encourage you to definitely give it a try. I was thrilled with this book. I hope you are too. My best gauge is - if you have read Lindsey and enjoy her, then Galen is a guaranteed win. :)

  2. I am a longtime historical romance junkie. *laughs* Well, as you know I'm a book junkie and they fell into my clutchy little hands. I also have a weak spot for pirates, so you may well have just given me a new 'guilty pleasure' read, K!

    Great review, excellent excerpt. It sounds like a fun read with interesting characters.

    Louise @ Between the Covers

    1. Lou, it was phenomenal. I loved every page of it. Any HR junkee with a thing for pirates will. ARGH!


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