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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guest Blog with author Isis Rushdan

Guest Blog with author Isis Rushdan

Hello to all of my long lost lovelies! I feel as though I haven’t seen you in forever! And let’s face it, a few weeks can definitely feel like forever!  But luckily, I am back and kicking and ready to post a LOT for all of you great people! Today I have a special treat for everyone. Ms. Isis Rushdan is here guest blogging and introducing us to one of her fabulous characters, Cyrus! Sounds fun, yes? I am completely excited, so let’s get started! *whispers* And check out that cover! It just grabs you immediately! I love it! But I am sure you want to find out more about Cyrus just as much as I want to! Please allow me to introduce to the blog:


Isis Rushdan was born and raised in New York City. She has a B.A. in psychology from The Ohio State University. Wanderlust has taken her across the globe and has kept her moving every three years. Fortunately, she is blessed with a husband who shares her passion for travel, movies and fantastic food. Prior to following her bliss as a writer, she had a bright career as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force. She currently resides in sunny Florida, where she hopes to finally  establish  roots,  with  her  husband,  son  and  canine  kiddies. 
You can find out more about Ms. Rushdan in the following places:

**Kindred Chronicles Book One**
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Date of Publication: January 8, 2013
ISBN: 9781619212893
ASIN: B009R89AF2
Number of pages: 444
Word Count: 115,000
Cover Artist: Kanaxa

Serenity’s soul-reading ability lets her easily create custom tattoos. Everything else in her life is a struggle, from trying to make it work with her best friend, Evan, to nightmares and visions that make her question her sanity.
Then she meets a man who sharpens her craving for something more.
Cyrus has been preparing to claim her as his Blessed mate—the other half of a split soul that, once reunited, is his only chance to break the curse that plagues his people.
One moment, armed militants are firing questions Serenity cannot answer. The next, she is safe in Cyrus’s arms…and learning she isn’t even human. She is Kindred, blessed with preternatural powers, cursed to suffer the twin horrors of the blood rage and the dark veil.
Their union is the greatest hope for redemption in a thousand years, but not all Kindred want to be saved. A dark secret could snuff out their lives before love has a chance to unite them…and redeem the Kindred for all time.
Greater the love…sweeter the pleasure…higher the price that must be paid.


Is your interest piqued yet? Not sure? Well how about I introduce you to the hottie, Cyrus? I am pretty sure this will hook you for sure!
Thanks so much for joining us today and welcome to the blog, Cyrus!

**Meet Cyrus**

The cover for Kindred of the Fallen features the heroine, Serenity. This first book in the series is really about her journey, but Cyrus, the hero, is the catalyst which sparks a wildfire of passion and danger, changing her life forever. I’ll let Cyrus take it away from here so readers can get to know him better.

Where are you from?
There are three main clans or Houses. I’m from House Herut and grew up in the Himalayas.

Why are you referred to as Blessed?
Serenity and I are both Blessed. We’re the reincarnation of one of the Fallen—the original ancient beings who were cursed. Only a Blessed couple can break the curse that is eradicating Kindred. Our union is the greatest hope and threat in a thousand years. Once the curse is broken, freeing Kindred from the pain of the dark veil and blood rage, we’ll also lose our extraordinary powers. Some will do anything to prevent that from happening, and I do mean absolutely anything.

How old are you?
Two hundred and forty-six. That’s a long time to live feeling as though a piece of your heart is lost somewhere out in the world. The day Serenity was born I had a whitescape—a painful episode, so excruciating it was literally blinding, followed by a brief euphoric state of unconditional love. I knew without a doubt that my mate existed. I just had to find her.

What do you do for living?
Well, I don’t have a typical nine to five job. I was born a warrior and I’m in charge of a team of vadeletori, warriors from noble bloodlines sworn to euthanize those afflicted with the dark veil or blood rage and to protect Kindred from exposure to humanity.

I was also raised to be a politician. Soon I’ll take my place as one of the leaders of House Herut. I dread the day I’ll have to give up my sword, but I live by a code of duty and honor.

How do you go about getting what you want?
 (Chuckles with a sly grin) In the bedroom, I take what I want as often as I’d like. Outside of the bedroom, the politician in me tempers my warrior side. I’m strategic about achieving my goals, but if you asked my mate she’d probably call me manipulative. I prefer to be called shrewd.

What do you look like?
I’d be best to let my mate describe me.
Thanks to the author, here’s an excerpt from when Cyrus and Serenity first meet.

A loud rap at the door startled her and she jumped. In the doorway stood a sinfully handsome man with lush dark hair. A dazzling smile swept across the most stunning face she’d ever seen. Not pretty-boy model perfect, but so savagely beautiful she salivated.

This was her client?

The stranger sauntered into the office. His charcoal suit had clean lines and hugged his firm, athletic body. He strolled around her desk and right up to her with casual, confident ease, like they were longtime friends.

Customers didn’t come behind the desk or invade her personal space. Not in her territory, where all the power resided quite literally in her hands. She wanted to move back or shoo him to a chair five feet away, but she could only gulp, feet welded to the floor.

He extended his hand, but her first and only chance to peek into his soul couldn’t be squandered on a premature handshake. Even though instinct prodded her to touch him.

“Hello, I’m—”

“No! Don’t tell me your name.” She glanced at his outreached hand, then back up at the heartrending face that made her legs shake. “Didn’t Dougie explain the rules?”

Looking down at her, he lowered his hand. Something playful or mischievous tugged at the naughty curve of his mouth. “Sorry.” He didn’t sound the least bit apologetic.

He stepped closer, his insanely masculine, incredibly sexual body bearing down on her.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Cyrus, Kindred of the Fallens hero. Cyrus and Isis Rushdan will both take any questions!

Thank you for having us. It was a pleasure to be here!

~~ Isis Rushdan

Well? Still not sure? Well, you know I aim to please. Here is an excerpt that is sure to satisfy an leave you wanting more …

Cyrus stroked Serenitys arm, his heart tight as a fist and throbbing. His pool of energy gushed and swelled inside of him. Exhilarating jolts, unlike anything hed ever felt, set his skin aflame. His nerve endings tingled like bare wires.
Hed  watched  her  for the  last  ten  days from a  distance,  waiting  for  the perfect opportunity to meet her. After his reckless disaster earlier in her office, he needed this to go the way hed planned. For more than two hundred years, he had imagined this, when hed finally meet his kabashem, the other half of his soul. If he ever found her, his mission was clear.
Claim her at any cost and put an end to the curse.
My house outside the city offers a spectacular view. It’s the perfect place to appreciate the stars. And I promise youll enjoy a meal youll never forget.”
Was he being too forward? His impulsive, less aggressive tactic at her studio had backfired.
Sweat slicked his palms and his pulse raced. Ten days should have been long enough to prepare. What was wrong with him? Hed never been nervous going into battle, not even the first time he held a sword ready to kill. But having her within reach threw him off kilter worse than taking a fist to the head.
“I cant have dinner with you,” she said in a solemn voice that wavered.
“We both have to eat. Why not do it together?
She raised her left hand with the ring facing him. “I’m engaged.”
Her eyes grew wide for a moment.
You’re used to getting what you want, arent you? Her gaze slipped from his face. “Women probably throw themselves at you all the time, tossing away their morals along with their panties, eager to get into your bed. I hate to disappoint you twice in one day, but I’m not that type of woman.”
He sucked in a breath, smooth and slow. “You’re right, I am used to getting what I want, but you’re wrong about the women. Casual sex is for the undisciplined, and none of the pursuits in my life are casual.” He leaned closer. “I didnt mean to offend you with my invitation. I admire your moral compass. Means youll never get lost.”
She rolled her eyes and snickered.
Time for uncensored honesty. Forgive my forwardness, but I sensed a connection between us and thought you had as well.”
She met his gaze.
The kind of connection one cant deny or ignore,” he continued. “The kind that  happens  once  in  a  lifetime.  The  kind  for  which  rules  are  meant  to  be broken.”

Oh, yeah! Bad boys with every intention of breaking the rules. We all love the type, yes? You know we do! So tell me what you thought. Are you likely to read this book? Have you read this author before? What do you think of Cyrus? I always love to see your comments.
And did I mention that this book is published by Samhain? Most of you know that I talk about the crazy good luck I have had with finding spectacular authors from this publisher. I would lay odds that this will be a great read. And if you really liked what you read here today, be sure to buy a copy of this book for yourself an support this author. I thank you all for spending some time with me here today and hope that you enjoyed getting to know a bit about Ms. Rushdan, her book, and the fabulous Cyrus as much as I did. See you all soon! And until next time …

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