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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Guest Post with author Cari Quinn

Guest Post with author Cari Quinn

What’s up everyone?!?!?! I am crazy excited today! I have had the pleasure of visiting with Ms. Cari Quinn on the blog several times before. I have also had the opportunity to review a couple of her books. They were great reads and I hope to be able to read more of her work in the future. So the decision to tell you all about this book was an automatic. Call it a default if you will. Cari Quinn? Yes, please! And that about sums up how I feel about this amazing author. *nods* Please allow me to introduce to the blog, once again, the awesomesauce:



USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn wrote her first story—a bible parable—in 2nd grade, much to the delight of the nuns at her Catholic school. Once she saw the warm reception that first tale garnered, she was hooked. She attempted her first romance in junior high, long before she'd ever read one. Writing what she knew always took a backseat to what she wanted to know, and that still holds true today.
Though she also fires up her computer as a graphic designer, proofreader and editor, she can’t resist the lure of disappearing into a world of her own creation. Now she gets to pen sexy romances for a living and routinely counts her lucky stars. The only thing she loves more than writing is hearing from readers! Visit Cari at

You can find out more about Ms. Quinn at the following places:

**Hot Shots #1**
Published by Loose ID
Erotic Contemporary Romance (M/F/M)
Heat Level: Sizzling
Word Count: 80,000


Layla Palmer is starting over in New York City with a new job at Hot Shots, an agency that specializes in hiring talent for jobs with an erotic bent. Happily engaged, she writes off the changes in her relationship with her fiancé, Aidan, as growing pains. But that all comes into question when her beloved fiancé comes up with a startling suggestion: he wants to watch her have sex with another man.

Aidan's a man on the edge, fighting demons he won't name in fear of losing the woman he loves forever. But the game he's playing can only continue for so long, especially when the man they decide to invite into their bed turns out to be Layla’s newest prospective model, Sawyer Blake.

Passion explodes between them, threatening to spill over and burn them all. Soon Aidan and Layla's already incendiary relationship hits the boiling point. Now she's fighting her own battles, including the conflicted feelings of lust and love she harbors for both men. But how can she figure out who to trust when everything she ever knew is changing, including herself?

Buy Links:

Not enough? Check out these reviews!


“TEST SHOT will lead you down a road of passion and heart break almost at the same time it takes you from the ultimate highs to the lowest of lows. You'll enjoy the roller coaster of human emotions and probably miss these characters when you reach the last page.”--5 Stars, Sizzling Hot Books

“This book is outstanding. It played with my emotions, tore strips off my heart and left me reeling. I didn’t expect this book to hook me the way that it did and didn’t predict the way the plot turns would leave me ignoring life in general to keep reading right up until the end.”--5 Stars, Scorching Book Reviews

“Man oh man, oh man! I love when I “discover” a new author who immediately engages me and makes me want to neglect everything in my house so I can finish her book from cover to cover. Cari Quinn has done that with her first book in the Hot Shots series, Test Shot. Besides an amazing cast of characters she has managed to write a brilliant story with a plot line quite unlike anything I’ve read before.”--A True Gem, 4.5 Stars, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

STILL not enough? Fine! You twisted my arm! Check out this excerpt!

(adult content)

“I saw you looking at him in that magazine last night too. Did you make yourself come then as well? Did you pretend it was his fingers in your pussy when you pushed them in deep?”

Tonight had been the first night she’d fantasized about anyone since she’d been engaged to Aidan. If she hadn’t been so tired, so needy, if she hadn’t spent so long looking at Sawyer’s pictures and remembering how sexy he’d sounded on the phone…

Maybe she wouldn’t have touched herself with him on her mind. But God, that voice. Anyone else wouldn’t have heard the sounds of home in it, but she did. She missed Nebraska so much. Knowing they came from the same place drew her too, as much as his innocuous blue eyes and devilish smile.

“Yes,” Layla murmured, moaning when Aidan slid the vibrator inside.

He’d wanted her to agree, and she wanted the toy. Something to fill her, to take away the ache that never left anymore. Most of all, she wanted Aidan.

“Do you want him in our bed? His dick inside you instead of this?” He flicked it on, and she jolted, digging her nails into the pillows. She rocked back and forth, her pussy clutching hungrily while her nipples skewered the bed beneath her. So close. She wanted to tell him to fuck her harder, to make her come, but the words weren’t there. She had no breath left. Just blinding need.

“God, yes,” she gasped, barely cognizant of what she’d agreed to until the orgasm hit her and she was left shaking in its aftermath, her body quivering and her mind in chaos.

“That’s my Lala,” Aidan said, using her nickname. His sister thought it sounded like a baby’s nonsense word, but she loved the way it rolled off his tongue. He tossed aside the toy, and it clattered onto the floor while he smoothed kisses up the line of her back. “So eager to do whatever it takes to feel good.”

She didn’t speak. Still quaking, she turned her head to look at him in the darkness. Surely it had been sex talk. Excitement goading him on, maybe, though he’d made no move to slide inside her and take some relief himself. No, she’d probably catch him in the shower rubbing one out as she had several times recently. Why that was better than being with her, she didn’t know.
Didn’t want to know.

“You weren’t serious. You can’t want another guy in our bed.”

“I asked if you wanted him. You said yes.”

“I wasn’t in my right mind.” His chuckle made her press her lips together. “You hoped I’d say yes,” she said, shocked it could be true.

They’d done a lot over the years. From mild experimentation with toys and bondage to more serious power games. From spanking to sense deprivation. He’d blazed the path in bed for them to follow, and follow she had. She trusted Aidan implicitly. But this…

Even in the semidarkness, she saw him smile as he ran his fingers lightly up and down her spine. She shuddered, and his smile grew before flicking out like someone shutting off a light. “It’s not time to get up yet.” He brushed a gentle kiss over her forehead. “Get some sleep.”

Yeah, right. As if she could. But Aidan didn’t suffer the same problem. Within moments, his breathing slowed.

She turned to face the window and rubbed her sore ass. One slap from him, and she hurt. He had amazing hands, patient sometimes, demanding and ruthless at others. Right now, she’d give anything to feel them on her skin.

When it became obvious sleep wouldn’t come, Layla crawled out of bed and went downstairs for a drink. Though she’d planned on grabbing a glass of water, she went straight to the bottle of chardonnay. She rarely drank, but tonight she needed to.

Something was wrong with her fiancé.

Like that? Yes … well … just wait … take it away Ms. Quinn!!!

**Destination: Sexy Times!!!**

Thank you so much to Reader’s Edyn for having me here today! 

I know, I know, with a topic header like that, where can I go next? But this is a phrase I’ve coined lately, mainly because the books I’ve been writing seem to include a lot of sex that occurs anywhere but in a bed. 

I didn’t plan that. Sex in a bed works for author me as much as the next gal, but it’s been fun exploring all the *other* places a couple can get busy. For example, take my release TEST SHOT, out now from Loose Id. There’s sex on the living room floor, sex in a recliner, and yes, some sex in a bed.

But in some of my other releases…whoa nelly!
Rooftop in the rain?
Boss’s office?
In a glass elevator?

I guess I’m bed-phobic…or my characters are, the naughty minxes. And I’m not about to rein them in anytime soon! 

Now it’s up to you! What wild destination rings your bells? Not for sex, necessarily, though this is a judgment-free zone! But where would you go on the most amazing vacation of your life if money was no object?

We will get back to Ms. Quinn’s question in just a minute. I’d like to wrap this post up with another excerpt from the book if you would allow me. You know you want to read more! You know you do! *snort* Really had to twist your arm, didn’t I? Yeah, I know. Here ya go! You can thank me in a minute …

(adult content)

“Like what you see?” Sawyer couldn’t help flexing a little for her. She was so pretty, and he wanted to impress her even if he knew this was a one-time thing. It didn’t matter. Right now, she belonged to him.

“You know I do. I love your body.” Layla fanned her hands over his chest, grazing his nipples with her pinkies. He stiffened at her purr of pleasure. “Sensitive here?”

She lowered her head to lap at one of them, then repeated the move on the other while she hooked one leg around his hip and massaged her heel into his back. Her wet pussy met his skin, leaving some of her arousal behind. First on his thigh. His belly. Finally on his cock. She eased back again, stirring up just enough air for him to feel every trail of her desire across his skin.

“Jesus Christ, Layla.”

“I need you. Hurry.”

Sawyer did a backward crab walk to the basket of supplies and grabbed a couple of condoms. Bright pink and blue. Man. But they’d get the job done.

He tossed a quick glance at the sofa and noted Aidan sat almost as placidly as before, if not for the tight lines of strain carving his face. Without shame, Aidan drew his gaze down Sawyer’s body. His eyes didn’t fire with anything but mild interest, but the look alone caused Sawyer to turn away.

This was new territory for him, being observed while he was with a woman. That watching-being-hot thing apparently only applied while everyone was dressed, because if he thought too much about Aidan studying them—and likely getting aroused himself—Sawyer had a feeling he’d go as limp as overcooked broccoli.

He tore open the condom and unrolled it over his length, hoping Layla would give him time for a repeat performance. If he didn’t get inside her fast, his thoughts would win. And he wasn’t about to let that happen.

“Pink’s your color,” she teased when he threw the other condom on the coffee table.

“It’s yours too.” He drew the swollen lips of her pussy apart, visually drinking his fill of the arousal coating dusky rose flesh. Her clit stood proudly, begging for the press of a finger or the flat tip of his tongue. He’d do both before the night was over. “Look at that, all for me.”

“Yes.” She jerked her head, and he knew she’d glanced at Aidan. “All for you.”

He stroked her with two fingers. Up and down he rode her seam, finally pushing them into her sheath. Fuck. So tight. Inferno hot, even more so than before. Her muscles squeezed him as he started to move, testing them both with his deep glides.

Good goddamn, she turned him on. Enough to forget where he was. Even why he was. There was just the two of them, giving and taking pleasure.

Twisting his hand around, he gave her three fingers and used his thumb to toy with the button of distended nerves, each flick pushing her nearer to the point where she’d rain over him. He caught her gasps with his mouth and pushed into her harder. Knowing she could take it. That she yearned for him to shove her to the limit of her control. He could see all that, and more, in the glazed depths of her eyes.

Her orgasm approached with hurricane force. He could feel it gathering inside her, a vortex gaining speed. Drawing energy. He wanted her to break around him, a moment only they would share.

He pulled free, and she cried out. “Shh.” He quieted her with a kiss. “I’ll give you what you need.” He tweaked her nipples with his wet fingers, then licked off the juice he’d displaced.

She gripped his head in both hands, holding him while he tucked his nose into the curve underneath her breast and absorbed her scent as if it were air. Lovemaking had never before been this sweet—or this bitter.

“Sawyer, please.” She encircled his width and scorched him right through the condom. “Come into me.”

You see why I had to share that one with you also? AAANNNNNNND …. You are welcome! *grins* So let get back to Ms. Quinn’s question, shall we? Where would you go for the vacation to beat all vacations if money wasn’t even the slightest consideration? 

Me? Well, I would definitely love to visit Scotland. I have always been fascinated with the Scotts. I apparently have a bit of Scott-blood somewhere in my family history. But even without that, who can resist the castles and their rich history, the beautiful land, the super HAWT brogue, and of course … the kilts? Not I! I gobble up Scottish romance! Lurve it! So that is where I would want to go. And here’s a fun trick! I would also want to go with my awesomesauce friend who has been knows to communicate with those who have passed. How frickin fantastic would that be? I would have to share such an experience with my close friends. Alone time with DH and other group fun with my forevah friends! That would be the best time for me! So how about you? Where would you go? 

I hope you had fun getting to know a bit about Ms. Quinn and her book. The best way to support these authors are to buy their books so if you enjoyed what you read today, be sure to show Ms. Quinn some love and purchase a copy of the book for yourself. Have a wonderful day and until next time …


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