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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review (ARC): REBOUND by Sabrina York

       Title: Rebound
              (A Tryst Island Erotic Romance)
       Author: Sabrina York
       Release Date: March 29, 2013
       Publisher: Sabrina York
       Category: Contemporary Erotic Romance
       Type: Kindle
       Ms. York’s Website


Kristi Cross has had the hots for her friend, Cameron Jackson as long as she can remember, but she knows she’s not his type. She’s nothing like the women he dates. So when he suggests they play for a kiss over a game of Hearts, Kristi can’t resist. Even if she loses, she wins. Because she’s finally going to taste him.

Of course, one kiss can quickly become something altogether steamier, especially when both parties are on the rebound…

Book One of the Tryst Island Series
Fall in Love on Tryst Island…When a group of friends share a vacation house, wild hijinks, unexpected hook-ups and steamy sex ensue.


Cam nodded and dealt the cards. They were halfway through the first hand when he broke the silence.
“Do you remember the first time we played?”
“You had to teach me.”
“Took me all night.”
“That was hardly my fault.” She rearranged her cards. “You kept pouring me shots.”
“You’re the one who kept drinking them.”
She feigned a pout. “I had to keep up with Jamie.”
“Now, she was easy to beat.”
“So was I, once you got me liquored up.”
His chortle rumbled through her. “You figured out my strategy.” He shot her a saucy leer. “You sure you don’t want another beer?”
“No way. I’m winning this game, buster.”
They played for a while longer before he spoke again. This time, his words sent a scalding sizzle through her solar plexus. “You know Kristi, I can’t remember a time when we were both…single.”
Her heart seized. “What?” Thank God she hadn’t just taken a sip of beer—she would have spewed it across the table for sure.
“Think about it. Since the day we met, one of us was always in a relationship.”
Usually him.
She didn’t respond. She didn’t know what to say.
He winced as he took a trick. “I just think it’s interesting. That’s all.”
“What’s… interesting?” It took everything in her not to mangle her cards.
“You know. That we’re both available. Both here. Alone.”
Under the weight of his steamy gaze, all uncertainty wafted away. That was definitely interest simmering in those steely blue orbs.
Kristi’s pulse went into rapid-fire mode. Her breath hitched. Heat lashed through her.
“I…ah… W-what’s your p-point?” She tried to act all blasé, but the stuttering probably ruined it.

Dialogue Highlight:

His expression shifted, darkened. The smoldering, seductive mien made her belly flutter. “I was thinking we could play…for something.”
“A kiss, maybe?”
Brain freeze.
Every thought fled. Every cogent inkling spun out of reach. She could only feel. Stare at him in shock. Ache for him.
His tongue came out, dabbing at his lips. She fixated on it, imagining that tongue, what it could do. The havoc it could cause on various parts of her trembling body—
“A kiss?” A squeak. “We’ve never k-kissed before.”
He leaned closer. His voice dropped an octave. “I’m aware of that.”
“But-but… I thought… We’re just f-friends.”
He studied her over his cards, stroking them slowly. “Are you saying you don’t want to kiss me?”
“I… No! I just… We’ve always… It’s probably…”
Amusement—twined with certainty—lightened his intensity. “What are you trying to say, Kristi?”
She meticulously rearranged her cards. “I just… I didn’t think you found me attractive. That’s all.”
He boggled. “Are you crazy? You’re stunning.”
A little thrill flickered up her spine. “I’m not.” She ignored his frown at that, and plowed on with her reasoning. “Besides, in all these years, none of us… well, none of us have.”
“Lane and Lucy did.”
“And look how well that worked out.”
“I’m suggesting a kiss, Kristi. Just a kiss.” He stroked his lips. “Be honest. Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like between us?”
A hot tide crawled up her cheeks. He didn’t miss it. He couldn’t. Her cheeks were neon red. Like a well-cooked lobster.
His features tightened. A muscle ticked in his cheek. “You have. Haven’t you? Imagined it?” The hint, the thread of uncertainty in the words struck her to the core.
He was uncertain? He was nervous? Holy Hannah.
“I…” She plucked at the label again. It was becoming quite shredded. “Maybe.” A whisper.
“Well. So have I. Often.”
She gaped at him. “Often?”
“Very often.”
“But…” She swallowed the words clogging her throat.
“But what?”
“I… Robyn was perfect.”
“She was.” Her belly dipped at that. “But when she smiled, she didn’t smile with her whole face. Not the way you do. She didn’t embrace life. She just kind of clung to the edges. You toss yourself in.” He fondled the neck of his bottle. “It’s an attractive quality, Kris. A man can’t help wondering…”
“Wondering what?”
“If you make love that way too.”
Ooh. Those words skimmed over the air between them, smooth and silky and oh so beguiling.
Not that he needed to seduce her.
Hell, all he had to do was breathe and she wanted him. Still…
“Are you drunk?”
He grinned. “Not in the slightest.”
“This is probably a bad idea.”
His grin broadened.
“Cam, we’re both on the rebound.”
He shifted, as though something was making his position uncomfortable. “Sometimes you score the winning point off a rebound.” 


Holy cow! What a book to come back to! I have been on a bit of a hiatus and chose to read Ms. York’s book first. Having read her stories before and knowing jut how great her stories are, I had high expectations. Expectations well delivered on once again. If you haven’t experienced Ms. York before, I hope you will consider giving her a try. REBOUND is a novella so would be a great way to get a taste of Ms. York’s writing style without having to invest time into a full length novel. And what is great is that this novella is the first in a new series: Tryst Island Erotic Romance. If you enjoy what you experience, more will be soon to follow. 

A little about the characters. Kristi has just walked in on her boyfriend of three years and another woman; one of her waitresses in the storage room of her very own business to be exact. But the romance had fizzled out a long time ago, so pissed but not entirely surprised, she has no one to blame but herself for staying in the relationship. Wounded, she heads off to Tryst Island to collect herself. A getaway of sorts, owned by friends, she and several college friends periodically make their way to the retreat in an effort to detox from everyday life and enjoy themselves. But Kristi quickly encounters a snag when she realizes that Cam is one of the house guests. Cameron Jackson. The love of her life since college. Well, maybe not love exactly, but lust for sure. Problem is that Kristi does not believe she is Cam’s type. Her full-bodied, curvy figure is not what Cam usually goes for. So on the heels of her break-up, she will also have to endure close contact with the man she has always desired but will never have.

Cameron too has come to the island to move forward following a recent break-up with his longtime girlfriend. No one is displeased with the split; never really accepting his snotty ex anyway. But Cam also has other ideas on moving forward for this trip. One woman has occupied his thoughts and fantasies for some time. If Cam has anything to say about it, this trip will be the catalyst to making some of those fantasies come true. Once he recognizes that opportunity is upon him, he accepts that it is now or never. Or the first time, the two are here unattached and nothing will deter Cam from his sensual assault on Kristi’s senses. 

These two characters were a lot of fun to get to know. Cam and Kristi are easily likeable and I felt that their stories and actions were plausible. Both were convincing and in need of some happiness. I always enjoy the two main characters that secretly pine for one another and later discover that those feelings are mutually shared. I appreciate Kristi’s sense of loyalty to family when the relationship seems to prove to be too much for her sister. Equally endearing is Cam’s immediate protective instinct over Kristi. Slightly barbaric given that their relationship is in its infancy, but what woman doesn’t swoon over the alpha personality who stakes his claim?

Also enjoyable were the secondary characters in the house. York has brought in an entertaining supporting cast of characters, each with their own wounds to lick. I was a bit surprised to discover that the two we found out the most information about are not the main characters of book two. But my hunch is that those two particular characters will self-induce their long road to an HEA and will likely be the last book in the series. But I digress.

York has once again crafted an entertaining read packed full of crazy hot sex and relatable characters that you can’t help but want to find out more about. True to form, Ms. York has successfully intertwined her talent for snark within this cast of characters. Her stories continue to be sexy, witty, and engrossing. Do yourself a favor and experience the tales of this talented author. She is guaranteed to satisfy.

(ARC eBook copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.)

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