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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Interview & GIVEAWAY with author Patricia Rosemoor

Interview & GIVEAWAY 
with author Patricia Rosemoor

Welcome back everyone! We are back with the second part of last week's post. For those of you that remember, last week I interviewed Sherrill Bodine, co-author of the new release WRITTEN IN THE STARS. Today, I get the opportunity to interview the other half of this great duo, Patricia Rosemoor! Sounds fantastic, yes? There is also a GIVEAWAY of BLING for this tour so make sure you enter before you head out today! I am pretty sure today will be the last day to enter so DO NOT FORGET! And Ms. Rosemoor has a question for everyone. Your feedback is valuable and always welcome so please give us your opinion. Please allow me to introduce to the blog:



With 90 novels and more than seven million books in print, Patricia Rosemoor is fascinated with “dangerous love” – combining romance with danger. She has written various forms of romantic and paranormal romantic thrillers, even romantic horror, bringing a different mix of thrills and chills to her stories.

Patricia has won a Golden Heart from Romance Writers of America and two Reviewers Choice and two Career Achievement Awards from RT BOOKreviews, and in her other life, she teaches Popular Fiction and Suspense-Thriller Writing, credit courses at Columbia College Chicago. Three of her Columbia grad students and two students from other venues are now published in novel-length fiction.

SKIN is her first original indie thriller. With 53 Harlequin Intrigues since 1985, she is now writing romantic suspense for Entangled Publishing.

You can find out more about Ms. Rosemoor in the following places:

Publication Date: August 12, 2013
Published by Entangled Publishing - Suspense Imprint

A passionate tale of destiny, danger and dark magic—and a love so powerful that it conquers time.” Mary Jo Putney, New York Times Bestselling Author.
A love so deep that it can last through centuries?

In 1601, Lady Elizabeth York’s star-shaped birthmark proclaims her a child of magic. When she arrives at Dunham Castle to marry Carlyle, heir to the Duke of Lennox, but finds enchantment in the eyes and touch of Will Grey, the Duke’s bastard son. Bewitched by Elizabeth, Will defies all for their love, and his jilted half-brother places a curse on them both.

Searching for a treasure ship sunk long ago, present-day marine archeologist Cordelia Ward is pursued romantically by both salvager Innis Foley and treasure hunter Morgan Murphy. She is haunted by a murderous nightmare where one man is the killer and the other the victim, but which man is her enemy, which her soul’s mate? Can a journal that belonged to her ancestress, Lady Elizabeth York show her the answers…in time to save her true love?

Chased by evil, two women discover their own magic to fight the villain’s curse on the Posey rings that draw them to the men they are destined to love.

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How has your life changed since becoming published?
I found that being an author became my life. It’s all-consuming, not the same as having another career or job you can leave and forget at home.

I can see how that would be true. What is your typical day like?
Emails, more emails, writing, emails, promotion, get the picture.

LOL ~ Yes. I see a pattern there. Tell us a little about your current release.
WRITTEN IN THE STARS is a reincarnation romantic suspense. My co-author wrote the historical half, I wrote the contemporary. The heroine, hero and villain are all reincarnated in my story.

It is a heck of a concept, but I love it. Like two stories in one and written in two styles. Any upcoming projects you would like to tell us about?
In November, Entangled Ignite will publish ANIMAL INSTINCT, an urban fantasy romantic suspense. The hero is half-human. The heroine thinks she’s all human.

Thinks? Huh. That sounds interesting. How do you keep in contact with your readers?
Through Facebook. I like the combination of being able to promote and being able to talk about things I like to do and things I don’t. :)

Good to know. What is your favorite thing about this book?
The sheer romance and heart in this story.

How do you celebrate when you finish a novel?
Get out of the house and doing something that provides contact with other people!

Sounds like a good plan considering how “alone” authors generally are when writing. What are you reading now?
Finishing the Karen Marie Moning Fae series.

I have heard good things about that author. Have one of her books, in fact. But haven't had a chance to read it yet. Was there something in particular that gave you the idea for this book?
The idea of reincarnation always fascinated both Sherrill and me.

It is an interesting thought to ponder, for sure. What about (the hero) and (the heroine) made you want to put them together?
The conflict. It’s always about getting a great conflict between my main characters.

Conflict is necessary, I think. Tell us one thing that readers wouldn’t know about you.
That I am an all out animal lover. I’ve volunteered at Lincoln Park Zoo and Paws Chicago. The heroine in Animal Instinct is a rescuer, and some of me is in her.

Awesome! I love it when some personality traits in an author shine through in their characters. Do you have any other hobbies or interests besides writing?
Gardening. I’m a Master Gardener with U of I Extension. I volunteer my time to help others with their gardening questions and problems.

Oh heck! Transfer some of that knowledge to me please! I have always wanted to garden. So far, I have accomplished weed pulling. :) Salty or Sweet?

*nods* Alcoholic or Non-alcoholic?
Usually non-alcoholic

Agreed. What is your favorite drink?
A really great margarita

Almost. Pina Colada here. I am foo foo all the way. *wink* What is your favorite holiday?

It rocks as a holiday, right? I l love it most because I get to see the kids get surprised. And you can't beat the family time with all of the fabulous food! Favorite place you have ever visited?

Nice. I bet that was fantastic. Favorite childhood memory?
Mom taking me to downtown Chicago to see the Christmas windows in the iconic Marshall Field’s (now Macy’s).

I would have absolutely LOVED to see that! *sighs* Opposites: 1 thing that never fails to make you happy and one thing that never fails to make you see red.
Spending time with members of my critique group makes me happy. Knowing someone has mistreated an animal makes me see red.

Boxers or briefs?
I don’t wear either :)

Oh crap! I just snorted coffee … M&M’s or Skittles?

Agreed. E-reader or Paperback?
Theoretically paperback, but I’m finding e-reader so much easier.

Also true, though I love the feel and smell of a brand new paperback. Holding an eReader is just not the same. Long hair or short hair on a guy?

Do you have any hidden talents?
I think I pretty much use them all

Evasive … but I will take it. :) Caffeine or Decaf?

Absolutely! Favorite midnight snack?
Don’t do that any more

LOL. Okay. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Not me. Introvert all the way … around people I don't know anyway. Almond Joy or Mounds?
Don’t eat them anymore

*tear* I think I am going to cry. Flowers or chocolate?
Sigh, both

Exactly! Do you have any phobias or fears?
Snakes. And ghosts.

I agree with the snakes. Ghosts, I like the idea of but would probably mess myself if I ever really saw one. Are you a night person or morning person?
Morning but not too early

Also agreed. Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance?
I write and read both

Favorite meal?
Traditional Polish pierogis with sausage and/or pork roast – a Christmas treat

I have no idea what that is, but it sounds like something DH would love! Now how about a little taste of WRITTEN IN THE STARS?

By reading any further you are stating you are at least 18 years of age.
If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary for you to exit this site.

He leaned into her so close his breath laved her face. “How about I make you an honest offer—a partnership.”
She stuck her right hand against his chest and backed off. “I don’t think so. You and I have very different goals.”
I thought we both wanted to find the motherlode of The Celestine.”
I’m a marine archeologist and—”
He captured her hand before she could remove it. “And I’m a pirate?”
I didn’t say that, but you are looking for treasure, while I am looking for artifacts.”
Not that I see the difference, but how about I offer you this.” From his pocket, he pulled a diamond-studded gold chain from which hung a crescent moon set with sapphires.
Cordelia’s eyes widened.
Exactly.” He took her right hand from where he’d trapped it and placed the artifact in her palm.
The touch of metal and jewels to her ring electrified Cordelia. Startled, she gasped at the power but wrapped her fingers around the jeweled moon so she wouldn’t drop it. Her heart beating too fast, she took a closer look and recognized its age. This was no modern copy of something old.
Fearing he’d found this on his earlier dive, would somehow beat her to the motherlode, she panicked. “All right, partners, then, but we need to work out details—”
Before she could finish, he curled his fingers over her hand with the crescent and kissed her.
Her wrist burned.
Her ring tightened.
Her head went light.
The chain trapped between their hands connected them like a live wire, kept them from pulling apart. The current spread to every pore of her body, to her head, to her toes, to her feminine center.
She had never felt so alive, so sure of herself.
Until the kiss ended.

What is your favorite type of romantic suspense read?


So what did you all think? What are your thoughts about books with multiple authors? DO you tend to like them more, not as much, or about the same? How do you feel about reading this book based on the blurb and excerpt? I always welcome your comments to please feel free to comment below on any portion of the post.

And don't forget to answer Ms. Rosemoor's question. She really would like to know the type of romantic suspense you prefer to read. As active as I know you all are in reading, I am sure that you can offer some positive insight. So get to commenting!

I want to thank Ms. Rosemoor for being here today as well as all of you for continuing to hop in and see the posts. I wish everyone a wonderful rest of your day! Don't forget to enter the contest for your chance to win. You have nothing to lose except your chance to WIN! And this is your last chance to enter so hurry! I wish all who enter the best of luck! See you all soon! Until then ...

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