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Friday, August 16, 2013

Spotlight BLITZ with author Victoria Lynne

Spotlight BLITZ with author Victoria Lynne

Welcome back to my mad dash to catch up from the illness that knocked me on my ass. Again, huge apologies to everyone. I am working diligently to bring you the posts I had scheduled to share with you all. I hope that you all hang in there with me. But more than that, I hope you all enjoy yourselves while you are here. Most of you know what a sucker I am for historical romance. My favorite genre above all, I am always on the lookout for the Hrs that I Can feature on the blog. So when this one came up and it had not one, but FOUR novels in a boxed set, I made sure I scheduled it to feature. I hope you all have a blast getting to know all about this fabuloso set! Please allow me to introduce to the blog:



Victoria Lynne is the author of five historical romance novels. She's received two RITA Award nominations, and has consistently earned Romantic Times' "Top Pick" award. She lives in Vermont with her husband, two children, and one very playful mutt.

You can find out more about Ms. Lynne in the following places:


(Historical Romance Boxed Set)
Historical (Regency) Western Romance
Publisher: Self/Indie
Release Date: June 15, 2013
Heat Level: Steamy
Word Count/Length: Full Length Novels


FOUR of Victoria Lynne’s hottest heroes brought together in one great, money-saving bundle. Each book is a full-length novel.

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations and/or adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.


An act of heroism leaves Morgan St. James, Viscount Sinclair, scarred for life. Rake turned recluse, he withdraws into his sheltered estate, away from the busy whirl of London society. There he remains until Julia Prentisse approaches him with a scandalous offer: if he marries her and protects her from her uncle, she will help him capture the arsonist who ruined his life.

A smoldering Victorian era romance.” –Booklist
A Romantic Times “Top Pick” Nominated for their prestigious “Best Historical Romance”


When Nicholas DuVall, rakehell Earl of Barrington, witnesses Katya Alexander pick the pocket of a fellow passenger, her skill and audacity captivate him. He enlists her help to retrieve a priceless family scroll, unaware that an age-old family feud has made them mortal enemies, and that his beautiful thief has secrets to burn.

A wild ride of an adventure romance destined to keep you reading all night. Simmering with sexual tension and the perfect amount of suspense.” –Romantic Times


Treachery destroys Captain Cole McRae’s ship and most of his crew. Now he’s determined to take Devon Blake, British beauty and convicted spy, to the gallows. Her wild attempts at escape only fire his fury, until their daring race through enemy territory ignites a passion stronger than vengeance.

Nominated for two RITA Awards.
A pure delight. Plenty of suspense, and beautifully drawn characters.” -Rendezvous


Smooth-talking gambler Jake Moran finds himself volunteering to escort the notorious Outlaw Annie, along with the ugliest cat he’s ever seen, to Cooperton, Colorado. Once Jake’s roped in and they hit the trail, nothing prepares him for the final showdown as he tries to tame the wildest woman in the west.

Extremely well-written, faced-paced, and funny, Chasing Rainbows is a pot of gold from this talented, up-and-coming author. One for your keeper shelf.” – Romantic Times


Whoot whoot! Holla! How about those books? I really want to hear what you all think so feel free to comment below about any part of this post. Your feedback is always welcome. Would you be likely to read these books? Have you experienced Ms. Lynne's work before? Tell me what you think!

I want to thank Ms. Lynne for being here with us today! I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I enjoyed getting to know more about this set. If you were intrigued by what you experienced here today, be sure to support this author and buy a copy for yourself. I wish everyone a fabulous rest of the day and will be seeing you all again very soon! Until then ...

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  1. Hello, and thank you for featuring my book set on your blog. I'm thrilled to be here today, and would love to hear which of my four books is your favorite. Happy reading to all!
    With best wishes,
    Victoria Lynne

    1. Thanks so much for stopping in! Feel free to come back anytime. And what a fabulous idea! If you have read any of Ms. Lynne's books in this set, tell us which one you enjoyed the most!


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