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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Recipe: Sausage Frittata

Sausage Frittata

What I Thought:
Holy Yum! I found this recipe because I had a ton of sausage to use and I hadn’t made a frittata before. I adapted the original to my own taste and ingredients I had on hand, plus an awesome shortcut! I think that you will love this recipe as much as I did!  

Changes I Made:
I added and omitted spices based on personal opinion. You can take a look at the original link if you would like and see what you prefer. This recipe has a lot of room to play with so get creative! My BEST adaption is using tater tots in place of the potatoes. I mean who the HECK wants to peel and dice potatoes anyway? I sure don’t! So I nuked a couple of cups of hash browns in the microwave until they were slightly warm and then broke them up to add to the mixture. I know. You can say it … GENIUS!

I usually cook the sausage and then put it in a bowl with the tater tots ad let them cool slightly so the eggs don’t cook when you add them. Other than that, it is a pretty simple one bowl, one pan recipe. For the little kids, I usually cut one in half and that is plenty for them. I feed a family of 9 on this recipe. If you have older kids and it seems like it won’t be enough, add some fresh fruit and toast to the plate. Enjoy!

Yield: 6 Omelet Size Portions               Units: US | Metric


1 pound ground sausage (cooked & drained)
2 – 3 Cups frozen tater tots (thawed)
9 – 12 eggs (depends on how “eggy” you want it
1 tsp Salt (I use sea salt)
1 tsp Pepper (ground)
½ tsp Garlic Powder (can use minced, granulated, or fresh)
½ tsp Onion Powder (can use minced, granulated, or fresh)
1 TBSP Parsley (fresh chopped or dried)
½ Cup Parmesan Cheese (can be fresh grated or already grated like Kraft)

1.     COOK sausage in pan until cooked through and crumbled. Drain if necessary and place in large mixing bowl.

2.     MICROWAVE frozen tater tots for approximately 4 minutes or until no longer frozen and can be broken u easily. Place in mixing bowl with sausage.

3.     MIX - after sausage and tater tots have cooled, add remaining ingredients and mix well.

4.     HEAT non-stick pan over medium heat. I like to add a little bit of bacon grease to the pan to ensure the non-stick (which we all know isn’t always non-stick). Use a 1 Cup measuring cup and fill pan with mixture. Do not overfill, you just want enough to cover the bottom of the pan.

5.     COOK for about 2 minutes, lower heat to low setting, cover with lid, and cook for an additional 8 minutes.

6.     REMOVE lid and frittata should be cooked through – slide on to plate and serve immediatey.

Original Link Found At:    All Recipes

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