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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Review: Acting on Impulse (Hollywood Heat Book 1) by Ashleigh Raine

Title: Acting on Impulse (Hollywood Heat #1)
Author: Ashleigh Raine
Release Date: November 6, 2011
Publisher: Fake Reality Publishing
Category: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Type: Kindle


Book Blurb:

Single mom and owner of a bakery, Samantha Layton is far removed from the Hollywood lifestyle. When her best friend makes Sam her plus one at a bigwig producer’s exclusive party, she begrudgingly decides to attend, figuring at the very least she can make some valuable new business connections. The last thing she expects is to find someone worth connecting with in a very non-businesslike way.

Oscar-nominated actor Connor Clarey is tired of the starlets and divas who populate the entertainment industry. While escaping the party his agent forced him to attend, he stumbles across a curvy beauty alone in the private backyard. In the short, erotic time he shares with Sam, his desire evolves from want, to need, to have, to keep before she pulls a Cinderella and leaves him behind, desperately wanting more.

Sam thinks her quick Hollywood fantasy of laughing, lusting and loving with Connor is nothing but a slightly bittersweet, naughty and fun memory, until Hollywood reality kicks in. Their one-night stand becomes memorable in ways neither of them anticipated, giving Sam and Connor the chance to act on impulse with each other over and over again.

Warning, this book contains a hero and a heroine who like to fantasize…and then make those fantasies come true. Public sex under the night sky, silk-tie-and-blindfold sex on a soft bed and desperate sex on the floor as soon as they can rip each other’s clothes off.

Book Excerpt:

Sam really, really, really liked being the reason he was smiling right now.

His leather jacket rustled when he lifted his arm and palmed the back of his neck. The navy-blue shirt beneath stretched tight at the gesture, revealing a wide expanse of chest Sam had the insane urge to lay her head against like a pillow. A firm, tight, sexy, muscular pillow. Dark gray pants led to black leather shoes. From head to toe the man was gorgeous. Jaw-dropping, eye-bugging, mouth-wateringly gorgeous.

And he was standing here talking to her.

Standing here talking to her, but in her oh-my-God-hes-beautiful fog, she wasnt actually hearing what he was saying as much as the timbre of his voice and the way it made her body stand at attention. She focused back on his lips and the words coming out of them.

“…and I couldnt help but want to know why someone was out here talking on their cell phone about bunny rabbits. Its been awhile since my dad stopped telling rabbit stories.” He chuckled, and her toes curled in her too-tight shoes. “I just had to talk to you. Im sorry I startled you.”

“Its fine. The party was a little loud and…” X-rated “…overwhelming, so I went for the fresh-air-and-a-quiet-place-to-call-my-daughter alternative. She wont fall asleep until I tell her a bedtime story.”

“Is she at home with your husband?”

Sam grimaced. “Um, no. No husband. No father. Just an asshole with a high sperm count.” She covered her mouth in abject horror, but it was too late to take that TMI back. While she was at it, she might as well tell this guy that she sometimes snored, that the word exercise made her break out in hives and that it had been so long since shed had sex she was practically a virgin again. “God, that was probably so much more than you wanted to know.”

His grin widened. “Actually, its exactly what I wanted to know.” He offered his arm. “Walk with me?”

Favorite Dialogue:

“Ive fantasized about this all week.” She plucked at his shirt buttons, since they hadnt taken the time to remove it before.

“You fantasized about sitting on top of me, all sexy and rumpled and gorgeous, while undressing me?” He played up a shocked expression. “Cause thats my fantasy too. Well, one of them.”

His shirt now unbuttoned, she smoothed both hands over his chest, forcing the fabric to his sides. She hummed out a contented sigh. “Yeah, this is starting to resemble fantasy number five hundred and seventy-two.”

“You number yours? Mine are named. Theres the original, Tour Guide Sam.”

“Of course, cant forget her. I still need a riding crop though.”

“Followed up by Ride ‘em Cowgirl Sam. Red boots, black chaps and a white cowboy hat. And you can borrow Tour Guide Sams riding crop.”

“Multi-use props. Good thinking.”

“Then theres Naughty Schoolgirl Sam—”

At her rolled eyes and snorted laughter, he said, “Hey, I like the classics, as long as youre involved. Plus, Naughty Schoolgirl Sam is just Tour Guide Sam in her plaid outfit without the riding crop.”

“Youve put a lot of thought into this.”

“It was a long week without you.”

Okay, so I have to provide a disclaimer with this review. I personally know Jen and Lisa who together form the duo known as Ashleigh Raine. I wouldn’t want anyone accusing me of not being honest or disclosing the fact that I know them so there you go. Honesty. That said, I also feel that I can be honest in my review despite the fact that I know them. They would never hold a grudge against me for disliking any part of their stories. So here we go …

I really like this story because it plays on some simple fantasies that, I believe, many women experience. Pshaw! Who am I kidding, men too. I mean who doesn’t dream of a chance meeting with a celebrity and falling in love? Or spending an incredibly mind-blowing night with said celebrity at the very least? *raises hand* I do and y’all know you have at one time or another too. And in fact, this is what the Hollywood Heat series is based on: those fantasies that sometimes come true. Now I am not saying anything against Connor, but I may have slipped my own fantasy celebrity in this story to make it even better. *eyes glaze over* And boy did it work …

*shakes head to clear thoughts* Sorry ‘bout that. *sheepish grin* Anyway, I liked that Sam was a real character: single mom, working full-time, dependent on best friend and parents to help out on occasion – you know, doing the real-life thing. And I liked that Blaina, Sam’s bestie, fits my idea of a best friend. Friends are so hard to come by, in the true sense of the word. To me, Blaina epitomized best friend in the best ways.  

As for my dislikes, it’s pretty much my consistent complaint with all short stories. Not enough time spent with the characters, so a lack of character depth that you would normally receive in a full-length novel. I feel like we got beneath the surface of Sam and Connor, but not nearly as much as I would have liked to see. I like the emotional angst and the brooding characters, the conflicting emotions triggered from various sources, seeing the negative blossom into a love to be envious of. Not that I wouldn’t be envious of Sam and Connor, but I do like to see struggle before those three little words make an appearance. I know, I know, but HEA is that much sweeter when the MCs have to work to reach it.

But hey, the book was written as a quick read – a teaser of sorts to whet the appetite, eliciting a want for more Ashleigh Raine. In this, the job was accomplished. This story could easily be read in a couple of hours and would be a terrific way to pass some time. But beware of the location you choose to read it. The smexy scenes border on orgasmic and are sure to leave your … errr … needing a lil something something – if you know what I’m saying. *winks* But hey, don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself. Acting on Impulse is only 99cents on Nook & Kindle. At that price, how can you not buy a copy?

(Kindle provided by author for review)



  1. Okay, so I got a teeny tiny portion of this story there in the excerpt and...well...damn if it didn't catch my interest. I haven't read anything non-paranormal in a long while too! But the premise of this one has really sparked something in me. I am definitely going to be reading this one and not just because I can relate to this, “Um, no. No husband. No father. Just an asshole with a high sperm count.” Although, she and I could be talking about the same man...

    I agree that novellas can sometimes leave you a bit miffed at the end...but then again, don't we feel like all the good books are too short? I do. Even the 400+ page books. I always want more. Just like chocolate. Mmmmm. Chocolate. Wait, what? Oh, right.

    Excellent, honest, unbiased review, love! *\o/*

  2. Yay! *waves* I am so glad it sparked your interest Kyla! It really is a quick read, so you should have no problem zipping through it. And if you are like me, the more you like it, the faster you read it. :) I try to pick dialogue and excerpts that I liked and that highlight some great points in the story as well. Looks like I accomplished the "hook" this time. :) Be sure to let me know what you think of the story!


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