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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Guest Post with author Sabrina York

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Guest Post with author Sabrina York

Good Morning my Lovelies! Quick reminder: Ellora’s Cave Feature Month ~  Remember, the author may have been previously published with EC or is currently published with EC. Either way you will be learning an awful lot about the Ellora’s Cave authors this month. I hope you will continue to join us for this exciting adventure! You are sure to find it very entertaining! So let’s continue on with week 2!

My next EC author is Sabrina York. Here is her bio from the EC website:


Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, writes naked erotic fiction for fans who like it hot, hard and balls-to-the-wall, and erotic romance and fantasy for readers who prefer a slow burn to passion. An award winning author in multiple genres, Sabrina loves writing hot, humorous stories in all kinds of settings.

Adam’s Obsession and Tristan’s Temptation are now available and several other titles are coming soon. Reviews for Sabrina’s work.

You can check out covers and read excerpts of all her coming books on her website. You can also find her on Twitter at @sabrina_york, on Facebook and on Pintrest. If you feel brave, check out her Inspiration for the Hotness board which is filled with exquisite sexy visions that will set your blood afire!  (Definitely NSFW.)

Ms. York has generously sent me ADAM’S  OBSESSION which I will be spotlighting toward the end of the post. I will post my review as soon as I can so that you all know what I thought of the book.

Please help me welcome:


**The Mysterious Magnetism of A Masterful Man**

Well, I don’t know about you, but I do fantasize about a powerful, masterful man taking charge and making my body weep with desire. That’s probably why most of my heroes are Alphas. But here’s a little codicil: I don’t really want some guy bossing me around, telling me what to wear, or controlling every aspect of my life, including (as you will read in some erotic fiction) my bodily functions.

Yeah. I’m an independent woman. I like to fart when the mood strikes. (Which is: Often.)
But aren’t we all independent? Hell, we juggle families and careers and take charge of home maintenance and insurance and paying the bills. We shuffle schedules and appointments and stupid stupid car repairs that always seem to pop up when we are insanely busy…

We want, we need, we crave a release.

For me, the idea of a powerful dominant man is a fantasy—and an alluring one.

But it’s a fantasy. 

In point of fact, I am really turned off by bullies, hate rude men and am appalled by abuse of any kind. Nothing gets my dander up quicker than a patronizing man who thinks I’m brainless or helpless or weak because I don’t have a weener. Pat me on the head, buster, and you might just pull back a stump.

Okay. I might be a feminist.

So how can I be a frothing feminist AND secretly fantasize about a ruthless, dominant hunk of burning, yearning, sweaty, hard—

Oh. Sorry. I got distracted. My question is this:

So if we don’t really want it, why do we want it?


Going back to the days of the caveman, dominance in the male equaled safety and survival and—let’s be honest here—food for the female and her offspring.

Seated deep in our psyche is the desire to select a mate based on the likelihood of success in reproducing and raising the offspring to an age when they can produce offspring of their own. And—just being honest here—the likelihood that the mate we select can provide food. (Preferably cheesecake).

A dominant male is more likely to provide these advantages[1].

Researcher Dr. Craig Roberts says, "There seems to be some sort of physiological mechanism that directs women to indicators of good genes.” He references a research group in Prague that conducted a study on the subject.

First, they had a group of men rate themselves on a dominance scale. Then the men swabbed their arm pits. A group of women were then asked to blindly sniff the swabs and assess the attractiveness of each man based on his smell. (Yeah. I think I mentioned, this happened in Prague).

This exercise produced a couple of very interesting findings.

Most significantly, the study revealed that women in Czechoslovakia will sniff sweat-stained swabs if you ask them. 

Another fascinating discovery was that the women who were ovulating rated the "dominant" men as sexiest. To read more on this scintillating armpit study:


In a recent article on discussing how gender equality inhibits arousal, Ogi Ogas, Ph.D. purports that the majority of women have submission fantasies because “most heterosexual women are wired to find sexual submission arousing—and so are most female mammals.”

He gives as an example the Norwegian rat. The female of this species, apparently, induces a male to chase her, which typically “culminates in lordosis: assuming a submissive stationary posture with arched back and raised hips. Lordosis is controlled by a specific region of the…hypothalamus.” In male rats, this same subcortical structure controls “stereotyped dominance activity, such as mounting a female and performing intromission.” I am quoting here, because you can’t make this kind of stuff up.

Besides, I’m not exactly sure what that all means.

But it turns me on.

The bottom line is that we are hardwired as women (and rats) to prefer dominant males. Such males are similarly hardwired to mount a female and perform intromission.
As a caveat, Ogas shares an interesting finding from his desire research. In humans, “men and women's brains each come wired with the neural circuitry for both sexual dominance and sexual submission.” The extent of these urges are “determined by the hormonal vagaries of prenatal development.” This accounts for the facts that:

  • Not all women are hardwired to crave dominant men,
  • Women are aroused by the prospect of submission at differing intensity, and
  • Not all men are stimulated by submissive postures in women. Or Norwegian rats.
To read more about Norwegian rat intromission and the curious case of the submissive male, you can access the full article at:


So given the fact that (for the most part) we are hardwired to crave dominant men (but not in real life) what is the attraction of the Alpha hero in romance?

Simply said, he speaks to a desire that runs even deeper than the preoccupation with a mate who can provide us with bacon and cheesecake: He adores us.

A little poem I read once (author long forgotten, but bless her heart) explains it all:

Oh, give me a masterful kind of man
A man who's accustomed to rule
Who never gives up 
And never gives in
A man who is nobody's fool.
Oh, give me a masterful kind of man.
That's the man I crave
Give me a masterful kind of man
And let me make him my slave.

Yes, the beauty of a dominant man in romance is that he will tumble. No matter how surly or cranky or obstreperous, no matter how bossy and brooding and looming he may appear, he has a fatal flaw. He will fall—quite hopelessly—in love with his heroine. In the end, she conquers him.

It is a meme that had me reading romances by the score as a teenager, and drove me to start writing stories of my own.

I think it is fair to say that there is nothing on Earth as attractive as a man who is utterly and completely besotted with me. My heroines feel the same.
And with that obsession comes his adamant insistence. He wants her and he will have her, come hell or high water. Who doesn’t want a mate that steadfastly loves them and will fight unto the death for the right to claim his woman?

Another thing I find attractive in a hero is a sense of humor (you may have deduced this for yourself by this point). As a result, all my books have an element of humor and most of the dominant play is just that—play.  All my heroines are complicit in spankings and erotic torment. In fact, they often orchestrate it. Some of them even beg for it. Those naughty wenches.

Regardless, it meets a need, feeds a hunger, satisfies them on a primordial level.
In Adam’s Obsession, Kat takes an active role in her submission, enticing Adam to pursue her, mount her and, if you will, perform intromission.  (As an aside here, I was unable to find substantive research suggesting that Norwegian rats are into Adam and Kat’s brand of light and playful bondage, but I think it’s a fair assumption that they probably would be—had they opposable thumbs.)  

In the second book in this duet, Tristan’s Temptation, Shannon also takes the lead their play, goading Tristan to take a taste of sweet, sweet sugarkink. When Tristan turns naughty Shannon over his knee and blisters her behind with his hard palm, she melts. She wants more, but he resists, due to his rule about fraternizing with his employees.  God help Tristan when Shannon decides to seduce him into breaking his (stupid, stupid) rule. He’s a man caught between a rock and a very hard place.

This theme is amped up in Pushing Her Buttons (Celtic Hearts Distinguished Novella of 2011). In this sexy BSDM novella, which will be released later this year, Samantha lives right next door to the personification of all her erotic fantasies. But she has to resist this glorious masterful man who could, with a look, utterly destroy her. How long do you think she can resist?

How long could you?

Yeah. We’re all weak-willed when it comes to a masterful man. If you’re like me, and you enjoy the fantasy of a dominant man (but secretly just want him to shut up and fold the laundry), these books should scratch your itch.

Most of my stories feature some form of playful bondage, domination, submission and spanking known to some as Sugarkink (thusly named because it is sweet, emotionally and sexually). Ellora’s Cave has several lines of erotic romance featuring the dominant male. Look for the Taboo banner for BDSM offerings at all heat levels—playful to pretty damn serious. You can also find spicier fare (sans romance) in the Exotica and Kink lines.

There’s a line just for your horny menfolk too.

In honor of my recent Sugarkink releases, and those soon to come, I have a really fun new contest for a pair of sexy rhinestone handcuffs. All you need to do to enter to win is subscribe to my Hotsheet (for info on new contests & releases). Why should you enter? Because seriously, what girl doesn’t need a pair of sexy rhinestone handcuffs?
Besides, you never know when you may be invited to participate in a swab-sniffing study. And if you are, you may discover a dark hero of your own…at which point these handcuffs could come in very handy.

I hope you have a wonderful summer filled with dreams of big, sexy, dominant, demanding heroes. Who use antiperspirant.

Keep it hot, baby.

~Sabrina York

[1] ( Journal of Research in Personality Santa Clara University). Like we really need a Santa Clara University study to tell us that.

You can visit Ms. York at the following places:

I want to thank Ms. York for appearing today and for taking the time to create this fabulous post. I have exchanged several e-mails wilth Ms. York and can tell you that she is hilarious! I have truly enjoyed getting to know her a bit.

Ms. York has several books out with Ellora’s Cave. If you visit her website at the link included above, you can check them all out. But for today, I would like to share just a few of her Ellora’s Cave titles with you.


Hopelessly shy and utterly repressed, Katherine Hart slakes her taboo desires online, where the anonymity allows her to indulge without embarrassment. Her virtual lover, Savage, is willing to meet her every need, especially once he discovers her naughty little secret—more than anything, she craves a masterful man. Fortunately, Savage is just that. And then some.

When Adam Trillo—aka Savage—discovers the shameless, erotic woman he’s been tangling with online is actually his demure coworker, he’s determined to seduce her in real life. He longs to release the wild Kat he knows lurks just below the surface. With a relentless mix of domination and persuasive charm, he draws her into his web until she’s helpless to deny their mutual passion. Particularly when she’s tied to his bed.


The red-hot sequel to Adam’s Obsession.

Tristan Trillo has one steadfast rule—thou shalt not fish in the company pond. That puts his executive assistant Shannon Weiss firmly out of reach. He tells himself the secret steamy computer simulations he creates—ones featuring a seductress with more than a passing resemblance to Shannon—are enough. But watching the virtual Shannon get spanked or tied up, taken from behind or while down on her knees, just makes him want the real Shannon more.

When Shannon discovers the depth of Tristan’s desire, she vows to seduce him in real life, his rule be damned. After a blazing, illicit tryst in Tristan’s office, he insists they can never do it again. So Shannon, ever the obedient assistant, makes certain the next time she seduces him, they do something completely different.

Poor Tristan is a man trapped between his steadfast rule and a burning passion. A rock, if you will, and a very hard place.

**THIS  BOOK  IS  COMING  SOON ~ July 11th**

Chaos erupts for members of a scientific expedition on a remote island when Sage—the team’s botanist—is impregnated with the spores of an alien plant form. She’s always been the crew’s “ice princess” but now something’s changed. Now something is driving her, raging through her, compelling her to screw every man on the desolate, godforsaken rock. Again and again and again.

What the very appreciative men don’t realize is that each illicit interaction, each hedonistic commingling, takes its toll on them as well. And no one can survive the torturous pleasure unscathed.

Reader Advisory: Forget happy endings and get ready for steamy, erotic horror that will shock you even as it turns you on. 

Buy Links

So what do you think? If you liked those blurbs, or you want to know more about Ms. York, please visit her website. And if you are interested in the books, support these awesome authors and buy their books. You can find out more about the mentioned Ellora’s Cave titles by clicking here: Sabrina York.

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know a bit about Ms. York and her EC titles. Please feel free to leave a comment or question for Ms. York in the comment section below. We love hearing what you think and finding out what you want to know!

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  1. All of Sabrina's books sound YUMMY! Definetly have these added to my TBR list!

    1. Weeeeee, Burbanette! That is what I love to hear! I am so glad that you enjoyed hearing about these great reads so much that you added them to your TBR list! Posts like this make my blog completely worth it! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Great write up. Witty. Fun. Unexpected lines that make me giggle. Love your writing!

    1. OMG, Celeste! I cannot tell you how many times I was rolling on the floor laughing from Sabrina's emails. She is a crack up and a wicked fun person to have the pleasure of getting to know. I am so glad that you had fun with the post! And thanks very much for hopping in.

  3. I always knew rats were smart. Great blog.

    1. Clare ~ Who knew? I had rats as pets. Actually named tham after book characters ~ Theo and Turtle from The Westing Game. Lets just say this blog post has been enlightening to say the least. LMAO! Thanks so much for hopping in and commenting!

  4. I've read several EC authors but Sabrina York is new to me. I'm definitely checking her out!

    1. Susan ~ *points to Sabrina* Highly recommended. I don't even have to read her books at this point. She has been such a pleasure to get to know that I know her books have to be good. If her snarky personality comes through in her writing then we are in for some awesomesauce stories. *nods* Thanks so much for commenting and spending time with us!

  5. I can't wait to check out her books, they sound hot!!!

    1. That they do, Jolene ~ That they do. I hope you find the books to be fantastic when you get a chance to read them. Thanks for spending time with us today and taking the time to enjoy the post.

  6. I love the research that explains our little obsessions. It makes sense, too. Since our brains don't actually want a man to run our lives for us, we get to read lovely books, like those by Ms. York, to make our bodies/hindbrains happpy. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Great point, Christine! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us! :)


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