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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Promo with author Katalina Leon

Ellora’s Cave Feature Month
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Promo with author Katalina Leon

Good Morning my Lovelies! Usual quick reminder: Ellora’s Cave Feature Month ~ Remember, the author may have been previously published with EC or is currently published with EC. Either way you will be learning an awful lot about the Ellora’s Cave authors this month. I hope you will continue to join us for this exciting adventure! You are sure to find it very entertaining! Week 4 was a bit of a mess for Ms. Leon as well. Her computer crashed and she lost her post.  Luckily, the backup Gods were able to provide her with this promo post for all of us to enjoy. Well done Ms. Leon. Talk about pulling a rabbit out of your hat! *wink*

My next EC author is Katalina Leon. Here is her bio from the EC website:


I love writing for Ellora’s Cave. I was an avid fan long before I had the courage to write my own stories. For many years I was primarily a painter. I started writing several years ago when I felt the need to fill a larger canvas and tell bigger stories without actually taking up more space. lol
Ellora’s Cave provided my imagination with everything I loved about traditional romance novels without the coyness. They were painted in bold colors and I loved the variety of authors and genres offered. I loved it so much I started writing so I could get in on the fun.
I’ve been very fortunate to live an adventurous life with the love of my life and fellow artist at my side. My husband and I share our lives with a wonderful son and a very sweet border collie named Molly.

Ms. Leon has generously sent me ASTERION which I will be spotlighting toward the end of the post. I will post my review as soon as I can so that you all know what I thought of the book.

Please help me welcome:



As you might have already guessed, I’m here promoting a book release, but this one is really special to me. One of my short stories “Asterion” is included in Ellora’s Cave latest anthology “Something Wicked This Way Comes Volume 2”.

This blog requires a bit of backstory, so I’m going to back up a little…

A few years ago, long before I dared to write my own stories, I bought my first Ellora’s Cave erotic-romance. It was Jaid Black’s “The Empress’ New Clothes”. I read it with relish and was both thrilled and a little shocked that it was so different from any traditional romance novel I’d read. There was nothing coy about the love scenes. Not only was the bedroom door flung wide open—a few other sexy partners were invited to join in as well. In short it was a lot of inhibition-peeling, naughty good fun.

Thank you Jaid.

Ten seconds after finishing the book I ran back to Borders book store and bought another Ellora’s Cave book, Diana Hunter’s “Secret Submission”. Wow, what a steamy trip down BDSM-lane that book was! Secret Submission opened my eyes to a strong female character coming to terms, on her owns terms with a full commitment BDSM relationship with a life partner. I shared this book with my husband and it meant a lot to us both.

Thank you Diana.

Not long after my husband suggested I write a short story for him. I was a little nervous. I’d focused on other things all my life and didn’t consider myself much of a writer, but I wanted to try. I sat down and several heart felt stories quickly appeared, which I wrote in spiral notebooks with a fountain pen because my typing was so poor. At the time I didn’t have my own computer and wouldn’t risk documenting my thoughts on a shared family laptop where someone might accidently read them, typos and all.

When I had a new story to share, my husband and I would lock the bedroom door, climb into bed and I’d quietly read it to him by the light of a clip-on book light.

The stories were a hit with him.

Soon I felt encouraged enough to type a story and submit it to Ellora’s Cave. I just about fainted when they accepted it!

So last year when Jaid Black aka Tina Engler “The Queen of Steam” grand Empress and founder of Ellora’s Cave sent out an email asking EC authors to submit 13k stories for an anthology—I was on it pronto!

Did I mention the original deadline was two weeks from the date on the email?

Uh! I started writing my story an hour later. The deadline was later extended but it was still tight.

I submitted “Asterion” which was my take on a young Greek woman’s experience in the labyrinth of the Minotaur. It contains completely fictional paranormal elements and I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to create something wickedly different for this anthology. I wanted my heroine “Larisa” to discover what first appears to be a monster is really a handsome prince.

One morning last summer, I knew I’d made it into the anthology because my email inbox was suddenly full of congratulations from friends. I actually read a few congratulations before I fully realized exactly what I was being congratulated on…

I glanced at the original email at the bottom of the page and saw my name included in the same volume as Jaid Black and Diana Hunter and almost cried. Everybody has their little moment when something hits hard, and this was mine.

This affected me more than any review or contract has ever moved me. It was so personal. Seeing my name beside those two talented ladies who inspired me to write in the first place was extremely humbling to say nothing of the amazing Laurann Dohner, Regina Carlisle—whom I’m in awe for her super hot “Lone Star Lycans” and Aubrey Ross, who is so creative and talented!

So if you’re game to try something new and taste a few fresh flavors “Something Wicked This Way Comes Volume 2” might be just the treat for you. There are six Ellora’s Cave authors in one volume each offering something erotic, romantic and surprising.

Here’s the blurb:

**Something Wicked This Way Comes; Volume 2**

Fatman & Robyn
Jaid Black

Jake Chamberlin, star quarterback of the New York Bloods, has a not-so-little secret—he’s into chubby chicks. He does all he can to resist temptation, but when Jake bumps into the gorgeous Robyn DiMarco at a bistro in Little Italy, all bets are off.

Scarred and Kilt
Laurann Dohner

Matty has a new neighbor, and she strongly suspects the kilt-wearing hottie is a vampire—he only goes out at night, has weird visitors and the blood bank is making regular deliveries. But he doesn’t seem to hurt anyone, so “live and let live” is Matty’s motto. Until she sees a guy armed with crosses and wooden stakes breaking into the neighbor’s house. Matty charges to the rescue—and ends up in Mr. Hottie’s bed…and on his desk…and…

Regina Carlysle

Set in the same world as Jaguar Hunger.

Private investigators Nate and Daniel don’t expect to find their mate while working a case. But they recognize Olivia as theirs the second they catch the missing woman’s scent—the scent of a female jaguar shifter in heat. Nate and Daniel’s task? Find then claim Livvy in every raw, animalistic way possible…and release her inner beast.

Katalina Leon

Betrayed by her village chief, Larisa is brought to a mysterious island and left bound in a subterranean labyrinth, where drops of her blood summon the mythical Minotaur. She expects the man-beast to take her life…but it’s her body that’s sacrificed. Darron, a shapeshifting being, ravishes Larisa, and she gives herself freely to the pleasure—a decision that will change both their worlds forever.

Decadent Dance
Aubrey Ross

Surely the dress Zoe purchased did not transport her to an alien ship, right? No. Hallucinations. Must be. Though…the gorgeous alien who greets her seems real enough. And the sex? Out of this world.

Vaden has waited years for his Decadent Dancer, and though Zoe swears she didn’t know what the dress could do, Vaden has been lonely too long to be easily thwarted. He’ll use every sensual trick he knows to convince Zoe she’s right where she belongs.

Sahara Heat
Diana Hunter

As a favor to a friend, author Carla Braun agrees to meet with archaeologist Josef Anderson to discuss his recent desert find. To her dismay, the man’s infuriating…as well as tall, blond, gorgeous—and into BDSM. If she can look beyond Dr. Anderson’s cool exterior, Carla just might discover some scorching Sahara Heat

If you haven’t seen the book trailer for “Asterion” see it here. This trailer was made by husband and presented to me as a gift. (Thank you sweetie!)

“Something Wicked This Way Comes Volume 2” Is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble as of Tuesday May 1st  and Ellora’s Cave May 2nd.

Thank you Kendra for having me as a guest!

Please leave comments or questions, I’ll be checking back all day and I love to answer everyone in person.

~~ XXOO Kat

You can visit Ms. Leon at the following places:

I want to thank Ms. Leon for appearing today and for taking the time to create this fun post. A bonus is this anthology is a terrific way to expose a reader to several EC authors. I would encourage you all to give this one a try!

Ms. Leon has several books out with Ellora’s Cave. If you would like to know more about her EC titles, please click here: Katalina Leon And don't forget how important support is for these authors. If you enjoyed this post, please consider purchasing the book.

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know a bit about Ms. Leon and her EC title. Please feel free to leave a comment or question for Ms. Leon in the comment section below. We love hearing what you think and finding out what you want to know!

Until next time …


  1. Kendra thank you so much for having me as your guest!
    XXOO Kat

    1. You are more than welcome! And thank you for your contribution to this wonderful EC feature month! I have had a blast getting to know a little about each author I have been able to "meet".

  2. Kat, you have the most inventive plots I've ever read. You rock, girl!! Love, love, love your stories. :)

    1. Hi Tina! Thank you for visiting me at Kendra's blog. I love steamy intimacy in your books. Your characters really connect.
      XXOO Kat

    2. Hmmm ... inventive plots and steamy intimacy? *points to authors* Y'all MUST check these stories out! Who can resist an inventive plot? And I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to read a steamy intimate scene!!!

  3. Asterion is a fantastic short story! As always Kat, your expertly drawn characters and plot had me hooked on page one!

    1. Thank you Tessie! I love you.
      XXOO Kat

    2. Hi Tessie ~ Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Great to know you were hooked from page 1 as I have yet to read the story. *nods*

  4. What a great story, Kat! I'm so impressed with how you've made a name for yourself in this business. Congrats on such a wonderful accomplishment!

    1. Hi Cindy ~ Thanks so much for stopping by and spending some time with us. And you are absolutely right! Making a name for yourself in this business is a HUGE accomplishment! Well done Ms. Leon!

  5. Congratulations on the releases. In a way your story mirrors my own depute book. I cried too when I got my contract offer.


    1. Hi Janice, I know what you mean. The little victories are hard won and so sweet.
      XXOO Kat

    2. Hi Janice! Crying is completely acceptable when getting a book deal *nods* And Congratulations on that huge accomplishment!

  6. Congrats on the inclusion Katalina but it's definitely not surprising. I have been impressed by your work ever since I first encountered it a few years ago. Good luck on the new release, I look forward to reading it.

    1. Thank you so much Elf, are you the reviewer Elf? If you are double thank you. You gave me a boost of confidence at the very beginning when I needed it most.
      XXOO Kat

    2. Hi Elf! Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your thoughts. Great to hear from another fan of Ms. Leon's! Nice to know you have followed her through her various books. :)


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