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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Interview with author Avril Ashton

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Interview with author Avril Ashton

So you all should know that I have darn near every day booked with an Ellora’s Cave author! The author may have been previously published with EC or is currently published with EC. Either way you will be learning an awful lot about the Ellora’s Cave authors this month. I hope you will continue to join us for this exciting adventure! You are sure to find it very entertaining! So let’s get on with it!

My next EC author is Avril Ashton. Here is her bio.


l always wanted to have a sexy bio, one to reflect who I am, but after drawing a blank, l could only come up with: I eat cake and I read books…ooh, and I write ‘em too. No one liked it and after massive peer-pressure and pouting, I managed something more…suitable?

A Caribbean transplant, Avril now lives in Brooklyn, N.Y with a tolerant Spousal Equivalent. Together they raise an eccentric daughter who loves reading and school (not so much school anymore). Avril’s earliest memories of reading revolve around discussing plot points of The Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys with an equally book-minded mother  

Always in love with the written word, Avril finally decided to do the writing in August of ’09 and never looked back. Spicy love scenes, delicious heroes, and wicked women burn up the pages of Avril’s stories, but there’ll always be a happy ending; Av remains a believer of love in all its forms.

Please help me welcome:



Your bio boasts of spicy love scenes. Do you ever get embarrassed by such scenes? When a family member reads your books for example.
LOL I’m never embarrassed to write that which I love. Family members don’t read my books. My SO could care less about such things although he supports me and my siblings don’t read. No other opinion matters.

Well said. How has your life changed since becoming published?
Not much. I’m on the computer more, I guzzle way more coffee and people email me to tell me they like my stuff. That’s about it.

What is your typical day like?
I’m up at 6:15 a.m. nowadays with the kid to get her ready for school. She’s on the school bus at 7:25 and then I open the computer to take care of emails and stuff like that. Then it’s on to writing until midday when I get up to clean and cook and act like I’ve been doing that all day. I might or might not go back to writing after the kid is in bed. Depends on how tired I am.   

Sounds familiar. Does having a daughter change your writing habits? For example, do you hide those spicy love scenes away? My mom always worried about what I read when I was younger when she found out I was reading romance. She thought the books would influence me in less than positive ways. As an author of such stories and a mother of a daughter, what are your thoughts?
My daughter loves to read. She reads everything. Once my computer is open, she comes and stands behind me and reads off the screen. Happens when I’m writing, reading or if I’m just browsing Facebook or Twitter. I make it a point not to write when she’s around, but I do read. Moments like those, I’ll close the laptop and chastise her for reading my stuff then send her to read her books. No major hiccups yet, but I actually dread the time when she realizes what it is I do write. Won’t happen for a while yet, though *knock on wood*   

Tell us a little about your current EC release Love the Sinner.
This is an MM/gay-for-you story. I fell in love with the characters and couldn’t let them go. NYPD detective Gabriel Ashby finds himself breaking rules and crossing boundaries when he falls for the local gang leader he’s supposed to be putting behind bars. An unlikely couple, but Gabe has to find out if it’s true what they say; can he hate the sin but love the sinner?

Interesting premise. Any upcoming projects you would like to tell us about? I’m currently working on the next book to Love the Sinner titled Sinner, Savior. I’m also working on a million and one other WIPS. Way too many to count.

How do you keep in contact with your readers?
I’m on Twitter and Facebook. Readers also email me at and through the Contact Me page on my website. I’m embarrassingly easily accessible. 

What is your favorite thing about this book?
Hell, don’t get me started. I’ll gush all over your blog. I love the men and not only because they’re hot men humping. That’s always nice, but I love their love story. Their strength and the way they put everything on the line for love.

Sounds fabulous!  What’s next for Avril Ashton?
More books, more writing, more hot stuff.

What is one thing you cut from the book that either you wish you had left in, or readers would like to hear about?
 Well now, I had a particularly hawt scene in Love the Sinner that had to be re-written because of pub rules. I wished I could’ve kept it, it was pure blush-worthy, but alas…

Do you have any special quirks or habits when writing?
Music and an iced caramel latte. Yup.

Oh, yeah! Iced anything coffee! How do you celebrate when you finish a novel?
Cake. I eats it.

I eats it too! *high five* Was there something in particular that gave you the idea for this book (series)?
Rihanna’s Man Down sparked the idea and I just ran with it, created my own plot and all that.

What about Gabe and Angelo made you want to put them together?
Their apparent conflicts of interests pulled at me first. I mean come on, cop and gang leader? Conflict up the wazzoo, but their strong emotions and chemistry had me from the beginning. 

Any advice you’d like to share for aspiring writers?
I’d say read. Always. Write what you love but pay attention to trends. Research. And read some more, you can’t be a writer without first being a lover of reading.

Tell us one thing that readers wouldn’t know about you.
I hate cooking…but I love to eat heh

Hah! What is one thing you know now that you wish you had known when you first started writing?
How hard promo is.

*nods* I have learned a lot about that since I started the blog. Do you have any other hobbies or interests besides writing?
No hobbies, I’m too boring for that, but I do like my TV shows like Castle and Criminal Minds and I do love my stories aka Soap Operas LOL

Salty or Sweet?
God, I love both. I’ll have to go with sweet.

A friend just told me about chocolate covered bugles. Caramel covered also. I Must. Try. These! Alcoholic or Non-alcoholic?
A little of both. I’m not a big fan of liquor but I do enjoy an iced cold Corona.

Boxers or briefs?

Good answer. M&M’s or Skittles?

E-reader or Paperback?
E-reader app on my laptop.

Long hair or short hair on a guy?
Long. Need something to tug on. (side note: Mr. A is bald. This makes this very interesting)

My DH is also. And interesting is a good way of putting it. Do you have any hidden talents?
Hah. Nope.

Well … you are published. Caffeine or Decaf?
Gawd, caffeine.

Favorite midnight snack?
Crackers and cheese with iced tea. LOL

Yum! Seriously! Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Introvert all the way.

Same here! Almond Joy or Mounds?

*raises brow* Pfft! Whatever! Flowers or chocolate?
What, can I eat the flowers? I think not! Chocolate, please.

*snort* Do you have any phobias or fears?

I wish! *sighs* Are you a night person or morning person?
Depends on whether it’s day or night LOL

Ha ha! Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance?

Good call. Random Thought:
It’s 11:07 at night and Sia is singing Titanium in my ear. How’s that for random?

Sounds loud! Favorite meal?
Anything with meat.

I want to thank Ms. Ashton for appearing today and for taking the time to answer my questions. I would like to share her Ellora’s Cave title with you.

Contemporary Erotic M/M


A notorious gang leader and an NYPD cop. An unlikely couple, but is it true what they say? Could Gabe hate the sin but love the sinner?

Detective Gabriel Ashby has never looked twice at another man, yet the criminal across from him, the man he’s interrogating, isn’t like any other. Gabe can’t deal with the sudden, intense need he has for one of NYPD’s Most Wanted. Everyone close to Angelo Pagan ends up dead, with the smug gang leader standing amid the rubble. Gabe would love nothing more than to bust Angelo’s ass and lock him up. So why is he seeing the bastard in his dreams at night?

Angelo Pagan knows attraction to Gabe is suicide. He’s resolute to ignore the chemistry…until a police raid goes wrong. He critically injures Gabe, changing the trajectory of both their lives. Now the two can’t get close enough. They settle into a forbidden affair threatened by lies and betrayal, living on different sides of the law with no way of breaching the gap between them. With the authorities looking to make an example of Angelo, Gabe has to decide if it’s really worth it to hate the sin but love the sinner.

Reader Advisory: This book contains brief scenes of gang-related violence.

(adult content)

He trudged up the stairs to his house and fitted the key into the lock with frozen fingers. The instant he stepped through the door, the hairs on his nape shot up. He blinked in the darkness, keeping the lights off as he reached inside his coat pocket and grasped the cool butt of his SIG, his personal piece.

Standing with his back against the closed door, he waited, quieting his breathing. Nothing moved. Had he imagined the presence of someone else? He’d been on edge since the shooting—hell, even before that. Since I questioned him.

Damn it.

He wasn’t supposed to think about that. About him.

Gabe kept his grip on the SIG, not entirely convinced he was imagining things. Bending over, he placed the beer at his feet carefully, flicking on the light as he straightened.

“Took you long enough.”

No. Gabe gulped in a lungful of air. Angelo Pagan leaned against the archway leading into his living room, arms crossed, relaxed sensuality oozing from his every pore. Clad in head-to-toe black, the man looked like the sexiest freaking burglar ever.

Gabe’s feet were moving before he realized his intentions. Grabbing Pagan by the throat, he slammed him into the wall and pressed the gun under his chin.

“Why the fuck are you in my house?” The too-familiar musk of spice and heat hit his nose.

“Watch where you put that gun.”

Gabe’s knees weakened at the lazy drawl. The man he’d been trying so hard to forget was in his arms. He pulled off the black wool cap covering Pagan’s head and watched in starved fascination as long dark hair tumbled over his wide shoulders.

“Pagan.” Wincing at the hoarseness in his voice, Gabe cleared his throat. Long, curled lashes fluttered, lifted. Those expressive brown eyes met his and he bit the inside of his cheek.


One word and Gabe was back inside that interrogation room.

“Why are you here?” He ignored the needy cock twitching between his legs and kept hold of the gun with a not-so-steady grip.

Those eyes held him captive. He couldn’t look away, he didn’t want to even as the voice in the back of his mind demanded he run.

“Lose the SIG, amado.”

Gabe blinked. Ama-who? “No.”

Pagan smiled and Gabe had no problems breaking eye contact then. He dropped his gaze to those lips curved just so and bit back a groan. God, the many times he’d lain awake next to Trish imagining ways to abuse those lips, that mouth.


He jerked his gaze back to Pagan’s eyes. Shit. Shouldn’t have.

“Six weeks is way too long, amado.” Pagan rocked into him, his arousal bumping Gabe’s.

Gabe closed his eyes on a hiss. Heat crawled up his spine. “Don’t. Don’t do this.”

Dios, cop.” Pagan touched him; warm fingers dipped under Gabe’s collar and brushed his nape.

He shivered.

“Look at me.”

His eyes flew open at the harsh command. Pagan stared him down, nostrils flared.

“You’re drinking too much.” Concern flashed across Pagan’s face before he smoothed it away. “You can’t numb it with alcohol.”

Jesus. Gabe’s eyes stung. “Why the hell are you here? Go away.” The gun he still held trembled violently.

Pagan’s expression grew serious. Sad. “I’m here making sure you’re all right. Making sure you’re not in pain.” His lips twisted. “Physically.”

“And why the fuck do you care?” Gabe shot back. “You tried to freaking kill me.”

¡Idiota!” The fingers at Gabe’s neck tightened. “If I wanted you dead, you wouldn’t be breathing right now.” He jerked his chin toward Gabe’s wounded shoulder. “That bullet saved your life. I saved your life.”

Gabe snorted. “Yeah. Whatever.”

“Listen to me, cop.” Pagan leaned forward, bringing their faces mere inches apart. “I need you alive. I need you breathing.” He took in a breath then let it out in a rush. “I need you.”

Gabe wanted to run as far away as he could from those eyes reflecting his needs back at him, but more than that he wanted to taste the man in his arms.

He wanted so bad and so fierce.

“Lose the gun, cop.”

Gabe followed the slow movement of his own hand as he lowered the gun. He tucked it into the small of his back before meeting Pagan’s eyes. The cold air disappeared, replaced with flames licking at his skin.

“Pagan.” He growled the name as he shuffled closer. Pagan grabbed his lapels and pulled him in even tighter.

Gabe lifted a trembling hand and did what he’d wanted to from day one—he slid his fingers through Pagan’s thick hair. The soft strands wrapped around his fingers like silk.

Pagan shuddered. Gabe cupped his jaw. The short hairs of his stubble pricked his palm.

“I’m not…” He licked his lips. Pagan’s eyes dilated. “I’ve never…I’m not gay.” If he hadn’t been losing himself in those gold eyes he’d have missed their slight widening.

Pagan shifted away, out of his hold, and Gabe never felt emptier.


“Mierda.” Pagan shoved his fingers through his hair. “I…you…” Anguish bled from his eyes and roughened his voice. He turned away.

“Angelo.” Gabe grabbed his arm. Electricity crackled and popped at the skin-on-skin contact. “Please.”

“You don’t want this, right? So let me go, cop.” Pagan’s gaze flicked down to where Gabe held him. “Let me go.”

Gabe swallowed. “I can’t.” He tightened his hold on the thick wrist. “I can’t.” The thought of watching Pagan walk away, of never seeing him again, punctured something in his chest. But what would be the result of him staying? Could he be with a man, this man?

Qué quieres, Gabe? What do you want?”

His name on Pagan’s lips sounded so good. So right. Gabe looked at him, trying but failing to find words.

“Damn it, Gabe.” Pagan wrenched out of his hold and grabbed his shoulders. “Tell me what you want.”

“To kiss you.” The words tumbled from his lips, harsher than he intended. “Just once. To know what it’s like. What you taste like.”

Pagan’s eyes darkened.

“Maybe then I’ll be able to forget you.”

Pagan arched an eyebrow and stepped forward. “You think it’s that simple?”

Gabe held his ground. “Yeah.”

“So do it.” They stood chest to chest. Pagan’s warm breath caressed Gabe’s forehead when he said softly, “Kiss me, cop. Then try to forget me.”


“All done, mi hijo.”

Angelo tilted his head up with a smile. His mother released his hair and kissed his brow as she stepped away.

Gracias, Mama.”

A brief smile lit up her sad brown eyes, giving him hope. She may be coming out from under her intense grief of losing Catarina. Their routine of his mother brushing his hair and pulling it into a ponytail always relaxed him.

He pushed his chair away from the kitchen table and stood, grabbing his jacket. Under his mother’s censoring stare, he shrugged on the heavy material and braced for the familiar argument.

“Angel, why do you continue like this?” Arms folded, she pronounced his name in the Spanish version. At one point Liliana Pagan had been a gorgeous woman, but time and grief aged her rapidly. Tiny lines bracketed her eyes and mouth, and her usually vibrant complexion was pallid and blotched.

All his doing. All a result of the pain and heartache he put her through.

Angelo walked over and took her in his arms. Her thin frame sagged in his hold.

“Mama, please.” He smoothed her salt-and-pepper hair, dropping kisses on her cheek. “I’ll be fine.”

“Hijo.” She sniffed. “You dance with el diablo.”

Lips twisting, Angelo released her and stepped back. “I know what I’m doing. Trust me.” But she didn’t and he couldn’t blame her.

She jerked a nod and stood back, wringing her hands.

Angelo picked up his keys from the table, turning up the collar of his jacket as he walked out the house.

On the motorcycle ride from his house in East New York to the gang headquarters in Sunset Park, Angelo allowed himself the luxury of recalling stormy gray eyes and flushed cheeks.

Six weeks since they’d seen each other face-to-face, but he’d kept his eye on Detective Gabriel Ashby from their first meeting in the 72nd’s interrogation room, to that night when it all went to hell. He liked deluding himself into thinking the reason he kept such a close eye on the cop was because Ashby was out to get him. No chance of that, so the real reason had to be because he couldn’t stop thinking about the cop.

Not like the attraction that arced between the two of them would still exist after he shot Ashby. Angelo had made himself available should the cops come to lock him up, but no one came looking. No one came bursting through his doors.

Only one reason for that. The cop hadn’t told his people who shot him.

Through the heavy, biting winds lashing his face and neck, the heat of his attraction to the detective infused his blood. The roar of the motorcycle between his legs vibrated against his erection, making his journey along the Belt Parkway difficult.

A cop.

He’d never had one, tending to stay as far away from the boys in blue as possible, but he wanted Gabriel. He wanted that cop under him, bathed in sweat, writhing. Screaming.

The damned cop didn’t look like a screamer, but wouldn’t it be fun to try at it?

So what do you think? If you liked those blurbs, or you want to know more about Ms. Ashton, please visit her website. And if you are interested in the books, support these awesome authors and buy their books. You can find out more about the mentioned Ellora’s Cave title by clicking here: Avril Ashton.

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know a bit about Ms. Ashton and her EC title. Please feel free to leave a comment or question for Ms. Ashton in the comment section below. We love hearing what you think and finding out what you want to know!

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