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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spotlight BLITZ with author Chandra Ryan

Spotlight BLITZ with author Chandra Ryan

Welcome back again! I have another fun post for you all. I have read a lot of boos from Ellora's Cave, but have discovered another new author. I have had some pretty good luck with EC authors, so I thought I would feature Ms. Ryan so that both I as well as yourselves could learn about her. And if she is not new to you, like she is to me, please feel free to make a comment below and tell me what you think. We have an excerpt to share as well so be sure to read through so that you can experience a small piece of Ms. Ryan's writing. Please allow me to introduce to the blog:



Being from a rather nomadic family, Chandra Ryan loves to travel and meet people. But she’s found that sometimes, like when you’re stuck inside because of a good old-fashioned Southwestern heat wave, you have to make do. Fortunately for her and her loving family, who don’t like seeing her suffer from cabin fever, she’s found creating new people and places equally as fascinating. Also, you’re a lot less likely to spill your ice tea.

You can find out more about Ms. Ryan in the following places:

**Universal Defiance, Book 1**

A Romantica® sci fi erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

On a rural settler planet, Kat must resort to putting out an ad to find a husband. She doesn’t expect to find love—that’s a dream in these parts—just a partner to help work her ranch. Then the devastatingly handsome Jasper answers her ad and turns her on in ways she never dreamed possible. Too bad he’s not who he says he is.

Jasper doesn’t know what he’s getting into when he ventures undercover to investigate a legal claim against Kat’s ranch. But after a toe-curling night under her roof and in her bed, he’s willing to do anything to stay there. He can’t say no to the tough-as-nails businesswoman who makes his body come alive.

When people start getting hurt, though, both Kat and Jasper have to decide how valuable one piece of land is. And the ranch that brought them together might be the very thing standing between them. 

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Excuse me, sir.” Her calm words broke through the chaos of the port station and gained his undivided attention. This close to him, staring into his rich, brown eyes, her stomach began to churn with nerves. She quickly pushed through the sensation, though. She didn’t have the time for silliness. And it was the height of absurdity for her to be uncomfortable around her soon-to-be husband. “I’m Katarina Maxim. My friends call me Kat.”

She held her hand out to him in casual greeting as she tried not to fidget. She’d debated how to greet him as she’d driven to the station. A kiss seemed rather forward. But she did want him to feel welcomed. A handshake seemed like the best idea at the time. Now, as she waited for him to take her hand, she started second-guessing herself.

“Katarina, that’s a lovely name.”

She noted that he’d called her Katarina but tried not to let that color her first impression of him. She didn’t hate the name nor did she hate being called by it. It just didn’t fit her. Not anymore. Katarina sounded soft, delicate—refined, even. Like she’d been before her family had moved here. She could only hope that he didn’t see her as any of those things. If he did, he would be sorely disappointment when he got to know her better. “Kat. Only my mother called me by my full name,” she pressed.

“Kat it is.” His smile seemed genuine but his palm was as soft as new leather when he finally took hers. If he stayed, that would change. This planet demanded calluses and blisters. Her hands were proof of that. 

Today's post is part of a Blitz for this book so if you have come across it before, this is why. If you haven't, I am happy that you were able to see it here first. *grins* I am curious to see how this book plays out. It sounds almost like it could be a western romance, but with the added component of taking place on a rural planet, Ms. Ryan could really have some fun here. I am looking forward to finding out more.

I love getting comments from everyone so please feel free to take a moment to tell me what you thought about the post like the blurb, excerpt, author, whatever you feel like talking about. Your feedback is always welcome.

A special thanks to Ms. Ryan for stopping in today. And another thank you to all of you who joined us today for this release BLITZ. I hope that you all enjoyed getting to know a bit about this author and her book right along with me. If your interest was caught today, please consider buying a copy of this book for yourself and showing support to this author. Have a wonderful day and I Will be seeing you all very soon! Until next time ...


  1. Thanks so much for having my book on your blog today :)

    1. You are more than welcome. Apologies for the late promo. It has been a heck of a week. Best of luck on the release!

    2. You are more than welcome. So sorry I was late with promo on the stop. Things have been nuts around here. Best of luck on the release!

    3. Trust me, with two little ones home for the summer I'm very understanding of things being crazy. Hope things have calmed down for you :)


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